European Exploration Essay

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  • European Exploration Motivation

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    European Exploration Motivations: Gold, God, and Glory Throughout the 15th and 16th centuries, European exploration and expansion thrived. Portugal led the way in this movement of exploration with their development of efficiently built ships known as caravels, seafaring devices such as compasses and astrolabes, and cutting-edge naval academies. Various European countries, including Spain, England, France, etc., followed Portugal’s example by utilizing their progressive naval technology. These technological

  • European Exploration

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    the first phase of European exploration. Members of the noble or merchant class typically funded these early expeditions. Over time, as it became clear that global exploration was extremely profitable, European states took on a primary role. The next phase of exploration involved voyages taken in the name of a particular empire and monarch (e.g., France or Spain). The Iberian empires of Spain and Portugal were some of the earliest states to embark on new voyages of exploration. In addition to seeking

  • Social Effects Of European Exploration Of The New World

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    European exploration of the New World led to many social effects. To start with, the Europeans brought with them many germs and diseases that decimated many societies in the Americas. The diseases, such as the smallpox, led to the deaths of many indigenous people and the demographic collapse of many Native American societies. The Europeans also brought plants and animals over to the Americas. The plants that were grown reflected a distinct European diet and the horses in the North American West were

  • European Explorations : The Major Factors Of Early European Explorations

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    According to the reading, some of the factors that could have led the early European explorers to explore overseas could have been to increase in power. I believe, this because the reading mentions that the Europeans knew that there were lands to their west. And as the reading mentions, the increase in trade especially with Asia and the African civilizations. It mentions that the rising volume of trade between Europe and North Africa. The increase of trade brought different ideas to different parts

  • Causes Of European Exploration

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    Europe’s Age of Exploration and Discovery began around 1453 when the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople, which resulted in the fall of the Byzantine Empire. This conquest cut off most European access to this area, severely limiting trade with the Middle East, especially China and India. Furthermore, Venice and the Ottoman Empire established a monopoly over trade, which irritated Europe and sparked their desire to reconnect with the East and restore direct trade relations with Asia. Europe’s desire

  • Essay On European Exploration

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    fifteenth century, Europeans began exploring through the Indian Ocean and to other continents. An era caused with no initial intention, European exploration caused many changes throughout both American and European civilizations. The desire to test human capability, obtain goods non-native to their region, and religious conversions were all reasons to explore. Better known as the Three G's; glory, gold, and God, these motives were all causes for the European Age of Exploration. Christopher Columbus

  • Reasons For European Exploration

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    Many things led to the European exploration. One thing that led to the exploration is that the desire to grow rich. They also wanted to spread Christianity. There was also many advances in sailing technology such as the compass. Those are some of the things that starts the European exploration. Spain and Portugal had a very strong rivalry. One of the reasons for this was because Spain as jealous that Portugal's trading empire was growing rapidly. Portugal didn't like the fact that Christopher

  • European Exploration Benefits

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    In my opinion, the benefits of the European exploration did not outweigh its consequences. One reason why the benefits did not outweigh the consequences is the Native American population. Another reason the benefits did not outweigh is because of the Columbian Exchange. Columbus also did not stand up to his promises. Those are some of the reasons why the benefits did not outweigh the consequences. The first reason why the benefits did not outweigh the consequences is the Native American

  • The European Exploration Of America

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    The discovery of America opened up the door for many people to find a new home and also a new identity. The European explorers of the late 15th and 16th centuries did not discover America; the native people had already lived and flourished there for many years. The European exploration of America is notable because it is the start of the mentality among Americans the fuels the need to travel from home in order to find oneself. Since the beginning, the settlers in America have been people who left

  • European Exploration Factors

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    There were many factors that led to the European exploration. Out of the many factors, God, gold, and country were the three main ones. God was a major factor because everyone wanted to please God and spread Christianity all over the world. Gold was also a major factor because if you made a discovery, you could make al lot of money off of the discovery. Finally country was also a great factor in the European exploration because when an explorer brought something back for the country than he could