Social Effects Of European Exploration Of The New World

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European exploration of the New World led to many social effects. To start with, the Europeans brought with them many germs and diseases that decimated many societies in the Americas. The diseases, such as the smallpox, led to the deaths of many indigenous people and the demographic collapse of many Native American societies. The Europeans also brought plants and animals over to the Americas. The plants that were grown reflected a distinct European diet and the horses in the North American West were used frequently for hunting as farmers began to abandon their fields. Women were no longer viewed as responsible for producing food as hunting became more popular with men. Another social effect was how marriages between Spanish men and elite native women were greatly supported in Amerindian societies. Native women who were married to Spanish men lived a better life than ordinary native women. On the other hand, indigenous women who were below the elite were frequently mistreated and abused by European men. Since there were very few Spanish women, Spanish men and Indian women came together to produce mixed-race children known as Mestizo. Many Indian women agreed to have children with Spanish men to ensure that they and their children would not have to be subjected to abuse. As the Spanish took control over the Aztec and Inca empires, a social order based on race came into existence. The Spanish male settlers were placed at the top, followed by the mixed-race population, and at

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