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  • An Exploratory Research..

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    EXPLORATORY RESEARCH REPORT Contents Introduction and background 3 Importance of the research 3 Scope of the report 3 Research problem/question & Objectives 3 Method 4 Methodological considerations and assumptions 4 Sample considerations 5 Data collection and framework, and analytical considerations 5 Ethical considerations 5 Analysis 5 Findings and Recommendations 6 Limitations 7 References 8 APPENDIX A 9 APPENDIX B 26 Introduction and background Importance of the research

  • Exploratory Summary

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    Patients and Methods This study was a part of an exploratory analysis of a sample of COPD patients evaluating the relationship between fatigue and serum biomarkers of autoimmunity. Initially we demonstrated that in patients with COPD the presence of fatigue is associated with worse health status, lung function and exercise capacity.The protocol of this clinical study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy `Gr. T. Popa` Iași, România. Participants who were

  • Exploratory Analysis

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    such, it presents evidence to support the claim that academic outcomes improve when children participate in school-readiness programs prior to entering primary education. Moreover, the emphasis of this project is to present the process for an exploratory analysis using the constructionist approach and basic framework of the social problem process by Joel Best (2008, pp. 33-40). First, it introduces the claim that educational outcomes are dependent on socioeconomic status, advocates for compulsory

  • Exploratory Questions

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    1) You are in the midst of the first interview with Mr. K., a recently divorced 55-year-old man. You have introduced yourself and have addressed the other aspects of the beginning phase of practice. You are now ready for an initial exploratory question. At this point, you know only that Mr. K.’s concern relates in some way to the divorce. Therefore, you want to encourage him to explore that topic in depth. Write the words you would say in asking this first question. Once written, specify whether

  • Advantages Of Exploratory Testing

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    Every tester whether consciously or unconsciously has done exploratory testing at some point in their career. Exploratory testing is about exploring the system and encouraging real-time and practical thinking of a tester. In layman terms, exploratory testing involves concurrent test case design and test execution of Application or system under test. The tester will create or write down a test idea to give direction, and explore the system while testing to further create critical, practical and useful

  • Exploratory Case Study

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    day implemented as an intervention method in an effort to be placed with their graduation cohort. In 2015, Tetnowski, noted that “Exploratory case studies seek to establish a deeper understanding of a phenomenon and are particularly useful when there is minimal preliminary research to inform and guide the research” (p. 40). Taylor and Thomas, (2015) noted the “Exploratory approach enables the researcher to understand more about a particular problem or situation” (p.

  • Exploratory Graduation Analysis

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    Many middle schools claim to have either integrated or exploratory curricula. After visiting Alden Central School District website, I noticed that this school has a little bit of both curriculums; however, it tends to go more on the exploratory side. In other words, this school offers more courses on vocational studies then it does on integration of courses. According to the text, “Teaching Goals exploration fill the "gaps" in regular curriculum help students make future course decisions now stimulate

  • Exploratory Review Paper

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    current college readiness benchmarks (CRBs). The study employed the American College Testing (ACT) college readiness assessment, which has CRBs for its four content area tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science ACT scores (ACT, 2010a). As an exploratory study, it endeavored to make utilization of two unique strategies used to a determined sample of students with both ACT and Iowa scores. The next procedure was devoted to evaluating the resulting classification rates across the four content area

  • Exploratory Dialogue Analysis

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    I enjoyed reading this chapter. I also like that the message written was easy to read and understand. I didn’t have to worry about reading the chapter twice unlike the other chapters. As a native-Spanish speaker at times it’s hard for me to not only read and understand but also to focus on the reading. I found this chapter to have an equal balance with the information provided. Johnston did a great job to expose both Evangelical Christians and non-evangelicals pros and cons. The information provided

  • Exploratory Qualitative Research

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    Pearce, M.J., Coan, A.D., Herndon II, J.E., Koenig, H.G., & Abernethy, A.P. (2012;2011). Unmet spiritual care needs impact emotional and spiritual well-being in advanced cancer patients. Supportive Care in Cancer, 20(10), 22-69-2276. Doi:10.1007/s00520-011-1335-1. Level of Evidence: VI The authors of this study state the research questions: “Do oncology inpatients receive spiritual care consistent with their needs? When inconsistent, are there deleterious effects on patient outcomes?” (p. 2269,