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  • My Experience In My Life

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    about the experience. The experiences I would have as a result of maturing. These experiences involve plans and sometimes the plans would get changed to another date or be cancelled entirely. The plans however, encircled my entire being. The trips and vacations would be most likely be the most memorable times I can and will probably ever experience. The desire to explore new and unknown lands, feeling the luke warm sea water in my toes was my ideal vision of a future, my plan for my life with one

  • My Experience In My Life

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    Every experience we live through should be preserved with vivid details to be remembered, and I believe the people in my generation should learn to live in the moment. Berks County, Pennsylvania is the hometown I grew up in about 50 minutes from WCU, but during the summers I lived in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Living in two completely different locations has taught me things from social skills to building sandcastles. I consider myself very caring and personable, continually trying to be nice to every

  • Humans Do Not Experience Life And Events

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    150 Humans do not experience life and events in a purely objective manner. To fully understand the many facets of this claim and its meaning, we must “break down” the sentence and know of each word’s meaning. Humans refer to people; it references human beings. While people live, they experience life and events. In other words, they act and react, causing and participating in events, and learning from or ignoring things that happen his or her life; they undergo events in life. To be objective is

  • My Life Experience

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    The journey of life is like the art of weaving tapestry. Each life experience is like a thread of color; some experiences are as vibrant as fuscia, some serene as cyan, some deep as maroon, while some as bleak as charcoal. Each relationship is like the crossing of threads, weaving together a patterned piece of embroidery, creating a work unique in texture, pattern and expression. Firstly, I spent my formative years under the identity of an immigrant from a small, homogenous town in the Philippines

  • My Life Experience Essay

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    my life experience so far as being unconventional. I have had challenges that for others would be unfathomable at an early age. However, when I take a moment to look back at those challenges and see where I am today, they are a reflection of the internal perseverance that is part of what makes me unique. My life has been constantly challenged from a health perspective mainly because I was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. I endured a bone marrow transplant doing my first months of life at the

  • Designing A Life For Creating Others ' Experiences

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    Designing One’s Life to Create Others’ Experiences Throughout the world, the voice of Andrea Bocelli permeates the ears of millions of people in multiple countries leaving all who hear with fond memories. Boasting of more than 80 million record sales around the world, Bocelli’s music tops classical and pop charts. Though, while Bocelli started his singing career during his childhood, even winning a singing competition at the age of 14, his professional singing career did not start until after

  • My Experience In My Life

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    something so much? There are many things, many encounters, many experiences, that helped me define who I am today. Even if those things were considered weird or uncool, despite everything I stayed with it since it gave me a feeling like no other, maybe even to the point where it was indescribable. It's funny how one can make fun of another without knowing who they truly are. I personally have felt this feeling once or twice in my lifetime. Life never ceases to amaze me for every single struggle that comes

  • My Experience In My Life

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    since I can remember, my grandparents had a large part in my life; they only lived fifteen minutes away in a big, beautiful house in Encino. As a young child, I loved to go there because they would spoil me. There was a giant pool and an extensive backyard with all kinds of the newest toys and my grandmother would let my brother and I choose whatever we wanted for dinner and pick any movie to watch. She would dedicate so much of her life to making us happy; I realize that she only wanted us to love

  • My Experience In My Life

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    My life, or perhaps in the manner that I perceive it, has been overwhelmingly filled with enlightening and repressive circumstances that could have been averted, but all in all, makes up one's destiny. These events intricately tailored me into a young man that grew conscientious of the detrimental behavior of “acting before thinking” and into the realm of “thinking before acting". What I would soon come to understand was that through sheer patience, and trial-and-error it instilled within me new

  • Essay on Life and its Quest: Personal Experience

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    Life. From the very moment that one enters the world, they are put on a quest, whether they know it or not. To many, life itself is a quest, for every person strives for something, whether it be “a good job, a big house, lots of money” or happiness. But through many different experiences in my life, a different meaning to the quest of life has become apparent to me. Life is not just striving towards a single goal; the quest in life is to live life everyday and to gain experiences, whether they’re