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  • Marilyn Monroe : The Stereotypes Of Marilyn Cameron Monroe

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    You may have heard of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. If so you would know that she was an actress in the 1950s and 60s and acted in movies such as Men Prefer Blondes and Some Like it Hot. In most of her movies, she played the smaller parts but even though her characters had little to say she still put just as much emotion into them as the main characters had. Billy Wilder describes her as an "an absolute genius as a comic actress". But during the time period of her career, most blonde women were

  • The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

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    The famous Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed but was it suicide? It was a murder that was unsolved at the time of the death and spread through the news to become one of the most talked about murder mysteries. Was it really a mystery? Through an enormous amount of research and the analysis and synthesis of the victim, crime scene, suspicious behavior, and evidence, it is clear that the murderer has been identified. Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom from a possible overdose on August

  • Marilyn Monroe Essay

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    recognized faces in the world. Over forty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe‘s life and death is still in question. Her trademark platinum hair and beauty mark, her famous skirt-blowing scene, which eventually she became ashamed of because no one could see the woman who was intellectual had feelings and worked hard behind the glitter, the gold and the smiles. Everyone knew this Marilyn Monroe, but did anybody know Norma Jeane Baker? Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood icon, maybe even a legend, but who was this

  • The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

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    “Marilyn Monroe dies, pills blamed”, which as you can see here is the headline for the Los Angeles Times, August 6, 1962, 2 days after Marilyn Monroe’s death and just one of many conspiracy theories surrounding her death. With the an autopsy report providing no clear indication of what happened in the early hours of August 5, it has left the door open for public debate and an outbreak of conspiracies. Although her death occurred over half a century ago, it is still relevant and there are operations

  • Marilyn Monroe Life

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    times and obstacles. Marilyn Monroe had many challenges throughout her life that she had to overcome. Norma Jean (Marilyn) grew up without a family or a supportive mother, her acting career was continually off and on, and she had a rough personal life and history. Marilyn had a pretty rough time growing up, but she managed to fight through it all. While Marilyn was growing up she didn’t have a family, and she didn’t really have a mother. Marilyn’s mother is Gladys Monroe Baker. Her mother lived

  • Marilyn Monroe Essay

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    “ I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful”      Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Baker on June 1, 1926. Her mother’s name was Gladys Baker Mortensen. Baker being the name of her other two children and Mortensen the name of her last husband who disappeared just months after their marriage in 1924. Although Edward Mortensen was Gladys’ husband at the time of Norma’s birth, he was not her father. No one knows for sure who her father was, but it was believed

  • Marilyn Monroe Impact

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    For this paper I decided to research Marilyn Monroe. To help me better understand Marilyn Monroe, I first asked the question of how did she impact America and how and why did she become so famous. To find these answers, I researched credible sources and took time to watch videos to help gain a better understanding of Marilyn Monroe. When looking at many different websites, I concluded that these different websites had the same answers to my questions. These websites explained her life is great

  • Marilyn Monroe Accomplishments

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    Marilyn Monroe was born June 1st, 1926 in Los Angeles, California as Norma Jean Baker. Her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when Monroe was only seven years old. With an absent father and a mother who was often institutionalized, the young girl was left to fend for herself in the foster care system. The demons of her past would haunt her until she took her life in 1962, at the age of thirty-six. Still, Marilyn Monroe goes down in history as one of the most influential

  • The Legendary Marilyn Monroe

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    Marilyn Monroe’s legend remains as the ultimate blonde bombshell and as one of the most recognizable faces ever to grace the silver screen. Born June 1, 1926 she was baptized Norma Jean Baker. Her turbulent youth was due to an absentee father and a mentally unstable mother. By 1933 she went to live with her mother’s best friend, Grace McKee, and she was the first to give Norma Jean the idea of becoming a movie star. Despite her new found love of cinema and hollywood celebrities, her childhood continued

  • The Conspiracies Of Marilyn Monroe

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    Over the years Marilyn Monroe had relationships with a handful of different men. Many of those men had high ranking public statuses like her, so their relationships with her were protected until her death. Some of the men that Marilyn was involved with included: her ex husband Joe DiMaggio, President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Frank Sinatra. Marilyn had trouble sticking with one guy at a time. She fell in love very easily, making it hard for her resist these men. Marilyn was having affairs