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  • The Museum Of Modern Art

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    I chose to travel to the Museum of Modern Art for this assignment. Once I was there, I wasn’t sure which artwork I wanted to focus my analysis on. At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the museum (I have never been), but after a little while I gained my bearings and began to explore for 20th century art. After viewing many of the paintings that we discussed in depth in class and many that we did not, I decided to write my analysis on “Street Light,” by Giacomo Balla. I chose this painting

  • The Museum Of Modern Art

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    Before the 19th century, artists mainly made artwork for the wealthy people and the religious groups. They were controlled by the academy and painted in a way that mainstream society recognized. Many of their paintings depicted scenes of mythology and church. However in the 19th century, industrialization brought many new technologies to ordinary people, making the impossible possible. Many artists began to create artworks to explore the concept of symbolism. Many of their subjects were daily things

  • The Influence Of Local ' Primitive ' Art On A Modern Artist

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    The Influence of Local “Primitive” Art on a Modern Artist Modern art has been influenced by “primitive” art from Africa and the Indian Islands but Barbara Hepworth was influenced by the hills and landscape around here. Her work Simple Form, 1937 (fig. 1) is reflective of the landscape and the rock outcropping in the area around where she grew up. This artist did not have to look to a different country for “primitive” art to inspire her work. The primitive artists also seem to have been inspired

  • The Influence Of Abstract And Modern Art

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    Abstract and modern art have really changed the way society views and appreciation for the amazing contributions and work created by artists. There are so many styles and concepts which those artists have come up with over times which are greatly reflected in their paintings and creations. In this essay we will be going on a journey to find out the inspiration and the intended messages from three paintings mentioned in the above topic. “The Large Bathers, 1898-1905 is the largest of Cezanne’s pictures

  • Modern Islamic Art And Modern Contemporary Art

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    towards the new modern Islamic art form which has been recently integrated, has adopted elements from both the traditional Islamic art and modern contemporary art. Therefore, to understand it, modern contemporary art needs to be established as well. According to Wolf, “Modern art represents an evolving set of ideas among a number of painters, sculptors, writers, and performers who - both individually and collectively - sought new approaches to art making.” (Wolf) As well, modern art embraces the technological

  • Essay Museum of Modern Art in New York

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    Museum of Modern Art in New York Roxanne Briano The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the world’s leading modern art. Its exhibits have been a major influence in creating and stimulating popular awareness of modern art and its accompanying diversity of its styles and movements. The museum’s outstanding collections of modern painting, sculpture, drawings, and prints range from Impressionisms to current movements. Moreover, there are exhibits of modern architecture, industrial design, sculpture

  • Modern Art Vs. Contemporary Art

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    Art overall is created and adored by numerous amount of people for many reasons, such as amplifying shared common visual language. The word art often branches into many different movements and components. Modern art or Contemporary art is one those components; this specific genre began mainly in the 1860’s to the 1970’s. During, this time period artists began throwing aside their own beliefs in a spirit of experimentation and the bringing of new ideas. The purpose of Modern art is to beautify one’s

  • The History Of Art And Its Impact On Modern Art

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    happens when you splash the stuff down. “- Francis Bacon. However when I learnt more about history of art and the way each movement and happenings in the world inspired artist to make new works, I was able to see much more than just a canvas with random paints and sketches. The interesting part about this concept is that each piece of art could be interpreted in many different ways. In contemporary art there isn’t right and wrong, each of us view and find different meanings and connections with artworks

  • Cubism : The Art Movement Of Modern Art

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    Cubism was the art movement that took modern art to the next level. It was one of the first major forms of Abstractionism. Cubism looks as if the painting was build with blocks. Artists used blocks and geometric shapes to form figures of men and women. There was no certain color scheme, however colors were usually very different in order to distinguish parts of the body. Anatomy was jumbled, but bodies were clear and visible. Pablo Picasso is known to be a mastermind of the art world. He essentially

  • Art In The Modern Era

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    The modern era was brought about in the mid-nineteenth century by the industrial revolution in Western Europe. New technologies and the advancement of comfort amenities would change the way that people lived daily lives. Many individuals would move from agricultural areas into cities, changing from simple lives focused on family and farming into the dense lifestyles of city life. With such drastic changes, artists (specifically painters) were drawn to a different type of landscape paintings, which