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  • My Name Is Asher Lev Essay

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    Asher Lev Essay: Minor characters are central to our understanding of any text. Analyse their significance in My Name Is Asher Lev. Central to our understanding of “My name is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok, is the dynamics of Asher’s relationship with different minor characters involved. Each minor character such as Yudel Krinsky, Uncle Yitzchok, the Rebbe, and Jacob Kahn each help Asher in a different way allowing the reader to interpret the text more thoroughly. Their guidance to the antagonist creates

  • Essay on My Name Is Asher Lev

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    novel, My Name Is Asher Lev. As an Orthodox Jew, Asher's gift for art is looked upon very unfavorably. Despite the disapproval of his community and father and the pain his art causes those around him, he pursues his passion and must find a way to reconcile the conflict between his religious identity and his individual identity. Potok starts off with the main character delivering three short sentences that set up the basis for the entire book. Before the reader learns anything about Asher Lev or the

  • The Struggle in Chaim Potok's My Name is Asher Lev Essay

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    our lives. Do you understand me, Asher?" (Potok 136). The struggle begins for young Asher Lev, a talented artist who tries to convince his father and the rest of his family of his artistic ability, when his father refuses to recognize his talent. Set in a tightly knitted Jewish community in Brooklyn, Chaim Potok successfully depicted a young boy torn between his orthodox Jewish tradition and his passion for art in his best seller My Name is Asher Lev. Asher Lev knew from

  • Benjamin Lev 's Struggle With Their Ultra Orthodox Religious Beliefs

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    Critical Lens Hypothesis: Asher Lev’s struggle to reconcile his “gift” with his ultra-orthodox religious beliefs can be explained in Freudian terms. The human psyche is an incredibly complex system. It controls us in every aspect of our lives, rewarding us for a job well done while also making us feel guilty for each mistake we make. Our psyche is influenced by the world in which we live, by our immediate family and friends and also by those who we will meet during our lives. Each and

  • Essay on Asher Lev and The Window

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    Throughout the novel, My Name Is Asher Lev by Chiam Potok, much of inner characters are revealed through the symbol of the window. The mother, the father, and Asher all face many struggles and the use of the window helps one to understand them. To begin with, the mother, Rivkeh, is shown a great deal by the window. Potok writes, “About an hour after supper, it began to snow heavily. My mother and I stood at the living-room window, watching for my father. ‘I hate this,’ my mother murmured, staring

  • The Glass Menagerie, Their Eyes Were Watching God, And My Name

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    In the books Candide, The Glass Menagerie, Their Eyes were Watching God, and My Name is Asher Lev written by Voltaire, Tennessee Williams, Zora Neale Hurston, and Chaim Potok, they are all discernibly different stories, yet they all appear to share the common theme of perseverance in varying degrees to find that happiness is not always awaiting them. I have found that the various symbolic language combined with each author’s different style of writing not only makes each story unique, but they also

  • Religion Acts As A Central Point For Many People

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    of strength, and typical only crumble/ fall apart from within. If someone from the religious group starts to question the core values and beliefs of their community, they typical turn against the given individual. We see this represented in My Name is Asher Lev, written by Christian Potok, in which he explores the life of a Hasidic Jew. When one person starts to question within the community, the entire community gets affected. For the better of the community, this individual should be diminished

  • When Art And Religion Collide

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    Nelson Gonzalez ENG 125 Prof. Michael Amey When Art and Religion Collide: My Name is Asher Lev My Name is Asher Lev, by Chaim Potok, tells a story about a Hasid, young man driven by a great passion: drawing. The character Asher Lev is presented within a Hasidic, Jewish community. These Hasidic communities are very conservative in many aspects; they care deeply and influence their members in a lot of decisions they make in life. The Rebbes of the Jews is the man whose members of the community go

  • My Life Paragonned to the Women in the Asher Lev Books by Chaim Potok

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    “Asher Lev, an artist is a person first. He is an individual. If there is no person, there is no artist” (Chaim Potok). An individual with different characteristics has a different mindset, attitude, confidence and respect from those around them. In Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, Asher is a Ladover Hasid who grows up in a Hasidic community, who is deeply committed to his Jewish faith and finds difficulty between the expectations of his traditions and his gift. He is an individual with a broad mindset

  • Asher Lev's Crucifixion Paintings as an Act of Disrespect Towards His Parents

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    Asher Lev's Crucifixion Paintings as an Act of Disrespect Towards His Parents Asher Lev paints against the values of his family and community. He disregards Jewish traditions and observance by pursuing his passion for art. His individuality has him disobeying the Rebbe, the mashphia, his mythic ancestor as well as his parents. Asher does not intend for his artwork to be harmful, but that they convey truths and feelings. Yet, the Brooklyn Crucifixions cause shame for his observant Jewish parents