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  • Nigeria As A Country In The Country Of Nigeria

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    Nigeria a country located on the west coast of Africa that is divided into 36 States. The country itself was not created until the British consolidated their colonial power in 1914; however all 36 states wasn’t established until 1996. Nigeria is known for over 527 Languages in which 7 are extinct. Nigeria has a variety of ethnic backgrounds which range from Arabic to Western European. Regardless of Nigerians social status being rural or urban; it is tradition to celebrate births and weddings as well

  • Ethnicity In Nigeria

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    Nigeria is part of the 16 countries in West Africa. Nigeria has different groups of ethnicity and has a population of about 186 million. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups. The ethnic groups have different belief and practices (VANGUARD,2017). The country is well known for its oil natural resources which provides most of their gross domestic product. The largest groups are the Hausa in the north, the Yoruba in the southwest and the Igbo (or Ibo) in the southeast, who account for around a fifth of

  • Ethnicity In Nigeria

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    much more. Nigeria's people can speak at least 500 languages based on how many ethnicities there are and Hausa having the largest one. The main ethnicities in nigeria is Yoruba , Ibo , and Hausa-Fulani. Apparently there are problems based on ethnicity and religion that has been a problem since the British left. The culture aspect of nigeria for their clothing is Gele where it is a scarf that women wr their heads with. An agbada that men wear which is a robe that are often worn at formal ceremonies

  • Colonialism In Nigeria

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    Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries in all of Africa. However, according to Freedom House, Nigeria is only partly free. This is for several reasons. Firstly, from a historical point of view, colonialism had a very bad effect on Africa. Many will argue that colonialism left Africa with only one practical skill and that is education. Other than education, colonialism left Africa with no other practical skills because it left them independent on others for survival. They had no opportunity

  • British Imperialism In Nigeria

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    British Imperialism in Nigeria The British empire began in 16th century and lasted until around 1997. During this time Great Britain controlled a lot of the World’s land and population. Britain had immense power and used it for their own dominance. They wanted to spread their ideology and culture to other societies.Britain was imperializing many parts of the World."Imperialism occurs when a strong nation takes over a weaker nation or region and dominates its economic, political, and cultural life”

  • The Education Framework Of Nigeria

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    thinking and judgment, and by and large of setting oneself up or others mentally for experienced life. The Ministry of Education is responsible for education in Nigeria. The education framework in Nigeria is separated into Kindergarten, essential training, auxiliary training and tertiary training. Foundation Problem The present example of Nigeria Education framework, especially the Tertiary Institutions has been an issue of sensitivity toward the administration, accomplices, educationists, managers (home

  • The Growth Rate Of Nigeria

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    GDP Growth Rate The growth rate of Nigeria remained low in the late 90’s through the early 2000’s. In 2003, it climbed to over Ten percent and in 2004 soared to almost Thirty-Four percent. Since that time, it has relatively stabilized and currently stands at 4.18% with an annual growth rate of 6.54%. One of the fastest growing segments is Information and Communication, which account for about 10 percent of the total output. The country’s inflation rate has declined recently after a period of

  • Cultural Culture Of Nigeria

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    Nigeria is located in West Africa along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Cameroon and Benin to the east and west respectfully. It is comprised of over 180 million and is considered one of the most populated nations in the world. It is a nation that is ruled by a caste of politicians, wealthy business men, and the educated elite. The rest of the nation is subjugated to sub-par living standards and mediocre health care. At a glance one would think that Nigerians are doing well for

  • Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria

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    worse by staging coups and making a mockery of democracy in Nigeria. The military era was marked by corruption, ineptitude and confusion. It drove Nigeria into many problems including economic problems, poverty, and ethno-religious conflicts until the 1990s. The military continued intervening because they believed the civilian leaders were inept and indecisive. Ethnic conflicts continued to escalate through the democratic transition in Nigeria, as various ethnic groups demanded political restructuring

  • The Challenges And Functions Of The Nigeria Police Force In Nigeria

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    The history of modern Nigeria, which dates back to post-independence era starting from 1st October, 1960 when Nigeria got her independence from the colonialists is a checkered one. The Nigerian State upon independence has witnessed myriads of challenges and threats to its national security and cohesion, exemplified in coups and counter-coups, conflicts and war with grave implication on the polity, threatening our sovereignty as a nation and dislocating our fledgling democracy. These threats and