Nigeria As A Country In The Country Of Nigeria

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Nigeria a country located on the west coast of Africa that is divided into 36 States. The country itself was not created until the British consolidated their colonial power in 1914; however all 36 states wasn’t established until 1996. Nigeria is known for over 527 Languages in which 7 are extinct. Nigeria has a variety of ethnic backgrounds which range from Arabic to Western European. Regardless of Nigerians social status being rural or urban; it is tradition to celebrate births and weddings as well as congregate for funerals; which typically are withheld for a month to gives families from different regions time to arrive back to the country. Nigerians celebrate common holidays that’s also here in America; however the dates are different, for example Independence Day is October 1 and Workers day (Labor Day) is May 1. Music as well as dance is central to the Nigerian culture, and is incorporated with celebrations such as festivals and rural events (
The gender roles in Nigeria glorifies the man as dominate over the women with women having fewer legal rights then men. In addition, the mother and sister has more say so over her brother or son then the male’s wife. There are 3 types of courtships in Nigeria: religious, civil, and traditional, and the Nigerian cultural believes in polygamy. Wives are responsible for caring for themselves and their children and in the event of the husband’s death the wife gets nothing, however any inheritance will go the

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