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  • Psychiatric Institutions

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    discussion topic about why “Psychiatric Institutions Are a Necessity,” In this article, professionals discuss why psychiatric institutions need to come back, and the reason is to keep mentally ill people out of prisons, get them the care they deserve and for them to have affordable housing once they leave the Institution. One of the biggest problems we are facing is not enough government funding for mental health services and affordable housing. I fully support for psychiatric institutions to come back

  • Children and Psychiatric Drugs

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    The issue that I choose to do my term paper on is, Children and Psychiatric drugs. It is shown, over the years, to be an increase in diagnosis of psychiatric issues in children causing medications to be prescribed. It is a concern if there are more children being misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, or over-diagnosed. This concern comes from United States having a significant increase in children psychiatric diagnosis and there are some areas within the United States that have an even higher diagnosis

  • The Treatment Of Psychiatric Drugs

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    The Use of Psychiatric Drugs To Treat Children Statistics determine that seventeen million children in the world have been prescribed psychiatric medications for mental illnesses or disorders (“Facts and Statistics”). In a society where one in four people suffer from a mental illness, it’s disturbing to find that many of these people are children. Many of these children will never have the opportunity to live normally without being under the influence of a drug. After taking a position as a lead

  • Introduction . The Assaultive Behavior Displayed By Psychiatric

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    Introduction The assaultive behavior displayed by psychiatric individuals in patient care settings has become a serious healthcare concern. Current research shows that the most common adverse event among hospitalized psychiatric patients is physical assault or fighting. “Thousands of assaults occur in American hospitals each year, including psychiatric units and emergency rooms, resulting in the labeling of such workplaces by some as occupationally hazardous” (Rueve & Welton, 2008). This has led

  • I No Longer Recommend Psychiatric Medication

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    “I no longer recommend psychiatric medications to anyone. I believe the science behind this is seriously flawed. It is based on false assumptions that lead to self-perpetuating mythology (and huge profits for drug companies).” (Smith). While it may sound appealing to simply take a pill for each of your problems, it has almost become common knowledge that medications which directly affect the brain, especially in the long term, can have many direct and indirect consequences. Nearly ¼ of all Americans

  • My Clinical Experience At A Psychiatric Hospital

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    their mental health so that they can live to their fullest potential. For example, mental health nurses work in a variety of settings, such as, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse treatment programs, home healthcare services, community mental health agencies, and private practice. This paper will give a description of my clinical experience at a psychiatric hospital.

  • Evaluation Of A Psychiatric Placement Without Legal Intervention

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    recent American history one could be civilly committed to a psychiatric placement without legal intervention. Prior to the 1970s persons with mental illness were often subject to gross negligence when they were committed to a psychiatric placement. Furthermore, individuals who were committed to these institutions lost their civil rights. Before the 1950s persons in the United States of America could be held without legal jurisdiction in psychiatric asylums. The 1950s had some changes to these laws. However

  • The Changes That Came About The Psychiatric Health Systems

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    The world of State Hospitals and Psychiatric Nursing, literally a world that horror movies are made of. The history of mental health treatment is barbaric, including lobotomies, being wrapped in wet sheets until hypothermia set in, the electric shock treatments, lest we forget the twisted experts thinking of incestual everything in who became the “father of psychiatry” Sigmund Freud. Patient Rights were nonexistent, people were disposed of at the “sanitarium” they were locked up, chained to walls

  • Behavioral Health Issues Within Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

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    Introduction One of the most frequently reported behavioral health issues in inpatient psychiatric settings involves patient assaults (Perez, 2014). Increased occurrence of assaults can have a damaging impact on the life of psychiatric patients (Luckhoff et al., 2013). It presents a threat to the physical and psychological well-being of both psychiatric nursing staff and all patients present (Luckhoff et al., 2013). There are numerous studies showing assaults occurring amongst staff and patients

  • Psychiatric Hospital Is A New Facility That Replaced The Old Administration Building

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    Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in NJ Greystone psychiatric hospital is a new facility that replaced the old administration building. It is a 450-bed residential health care institution, located in a single self-contained building that includes treatment mall with over 21 rooms for various activities. In addition, there are also cottages to house a total of sixty patients to help those ready to transition to more independent living. It provides a transitional housing for patients.. Community rooms