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    Katelyn CWV M-W-F 9:50am 12/6/13 Prof. Sharpe God has been a very important part of my live since I was a very little girl. When I was only a couple of months old I was baptized. That was my first spiritual encounter with God. I then proceeded to commit my first communion in third grade. I then received my confirmation when I was in eighth grade. Like I said before God has been a very important part in my life for a very long time. Who is God? What are his characteristics? I believe that

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    Michael Jordan is arguable the best basketball player who ever played the game. A phenomenal athlete with the unique combination of fundamental soundness, grace, speed, power, artistry, and an unquenchable competitive desire, Jordan single-handedly redefined the NBA superstar. The thing that separated Jordan from the rest of the all-time greats was his compulsive need to win. Jordan was and is still known for his intense competitiveness and will to win, but that has not translated to his ownership

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    Memoir Rough Draft I don’t remember if it was my choice or my parents, but in 5th grade when we were given the choice to be in band, I was very anxious to start. We got to meet with Mrs. Jones and try a few different instruments before making a decision. My top three choices were percussion, trombone, and clarinet (only because my sister had played it). I tried the clarinet first and thought it was alright, but not my favorite. I tried the trombone next, and while it was difficult, I really wanted

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    Michael Gaudioso Mr. Alexander Freshman Theology Honors 28 October 2014 SLAVERY IN CHURCH ESSAY ROUGH DRAFT When we think of the word slavery, extremely negative connotations to mind. We think of how millions of African people were rounded up like sheep, stuffed into boats with horrible conditions, and brought to this country where they were treated as lesser people. They were forced to work without pay, in one of the most unforgiving occupations, farming. All this because of where they were from

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    Research Paper Due Date: Week 2, Day 2: Problem section of rough draft is due. Week 3, Day 1: List of policy alternatives (citing sources) is due. Week 4, Day 1: Rough draft is due. September 28: Final Draft is due. Length: Your paper must be at least 4 pages (to the bottom of the 4th page), double spaced, with 12 point font and traditional margins. If it is short of that, 25 points will be taken off for every page it is short. That being said, I want 4 pages of important research and analytical

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    Amelia Lanier ENG III Ms. Fox 6 February 2015 Rough Draft: Abuse Every human has a right to live in a safe environment without the threat or presence of abuse- be it psychological, physical, sexual, emotional, or economical- and to be accepted into shelter without discrimination against age, gender, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, disability, or economic, mental, or social status. To live in a safe healthy environment is a privilege that all deserve. To have the opportunity to hone their

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    never mind to everything and chickening out. He thinks about a plan to make, then decides against it. “Why” is what I have to ask? Why didn’t Hamlet do everything he wanted to? Maybe his life would have changes completely and he would be in such a rough state. Maybe his life wouldn’t have changed at all. In Act Five Scene 1, Hamlet finally confesses his true love for Ophelia, who has already committed suicide. As if saying this is going to bring her back to life, he fights with her brother Laertes

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    Rough Draft Thousands upon thousands of lives have been taken due to the huge demand for drugs crossing from Mexico into the United States. The murder rate is extremely high, and has caused so much chaos between both countries because of this. Drug dealers in the United States contact drug dealers in Mexico, and vice versa, to cross the drugs between borders illegally. A high percentage of the time, either of the drug dealers from both sides will have a scape goat swim the border while carrying

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    Anthem Rough Draft Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” illustrates a series of ironic connections between great successors of Greek mythology and to her two main characters. The main characters, Equality 7-2521 and Liberty5-300, both contain very interesting and unique personalities, which makes them incompatible with their collectivism society due to who they are and what they believe. Ayn Rand disperses random clues throughout the book that provide evidence and reasoning of why she chose to rename her characters

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    Ronald Reagan Rough Draft Intro. INTRODUCTION Imagine, being the President of the United States of America, you are in charge of everything in the nation, being responsible for the well-being of your country. And imagine being on the verge of nuclear war with the Soviet Union and only having six minutes to decide whether or not civilization as we know it could continue. This is the type of stress Ronald Reagan was under almost every day of his eight year presidency. EARLY LIFE

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    The Academic Essay: Rough Draft Sitting down and thinking about how to write an academic essay? This essay will discuss all the things one should know in regard to writing an academic essay. Firstly this essay will discuss how to conduct research for an academic essay, and explain in detail what research should be considered. Secondly this essay will also discuss the planning and drafting of an academic essay, the exact format will be assessed. Thirdly this essay will also discuss plagiarism and

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    Space at UCSF Rough Draft UC San Francisco is committed to living out their mission of “advancing health worldwide.” Fulfilling this mission demands UCSF’s growth, but certain restrictions hinder this expansion, specifically space limitations. As UCSF develops a building plan for campus renovations, they are considering three main issues in regards to space limitations. First, San Francisco sits on a peninsula surrounded by water, which limits the growth of the city, thus directly influencing UCSF

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    Carleigh Grupe Professor Schnell English 1301 9 September 2015 Personal Narrative – Rough Draft The lake glistened before me as my mom and I pulled into Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp just outside Twin Lakes Michigan. I had been accepted into the International Youth Symphony Orchestra program where after spending a week at the camp the entire orchestra would be heading off on a six week European Tour to share our musical talents and American culture with another part of the world. I knew traveling to

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    Essay 1: Culture and Identity (Rough Draft) Imagine a life without writing, and without art; it’s pretty grim isn’t it? Without these essential cultural components, life would be a sad place to live in, because no other cultural aspect would survive. The most essential cultural elements are Art and Literature, because art and literature lead into the other cultural aspects. Without arts and literature, you couldn’t have the rest of the cultural elements. Culture manifested itself with the aid of

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    Maxed Out Rough Draft The United States lending industry’s main focus has become accentuating profits; therefore, they have made it impossible to live without a credit card in today’s economy and to avoid being taken advantage of by the banks. James Scurlock, director and producer of the film, “Maxed Out”, devotes his movie to informing the audience of the credit card system and its many flaws and gives examples of people who are majorly affected by the pressure the lenders apply. Throughout

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    The Outsiders Rough Draft Essay Acceptance and security. These are the two things that every human being wants. How they gain those two things varies from person to person.But most of us are privileged enough to not worry about these two very important necessities.However there are people in the world who are not so lucky. Those are the people who are failed to be understood by the rest of the world. However a lot of us are asleep to those people and their problems.Sometimes it takes a piece of

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    Danny Tran English 114-36 Emma Rogers 25th September 2015 Assignment 2: Freire (Rough Draft) In today’s educational classrooms, there are many different ways a teacher and their students communicate and connect in the learning environment. The way the students and teachers interact with one another plays a big role in how a student is demonstrating their apprehension as well as what they are learning. In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire discusses different methods of teaching and learning

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    Jameson Au English 1A-30 11/16/15 Research Paper Rough Draft During the past couple of centuries, humans were able to accomplish more things than the entirety of human existence. Mankind was able to prolong life, cure deadly diseases, and more. One of the greatest achievements was converting fossil fuels into energy. People are able to take the fossilized remains and turn them into the everyday fuel everyone in the world uses. However, the energy humans have been using is not clean. The more people

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    Meghan's rough draft For the past fifty years or so, Americans have had the great fortune of living safely in a relatively peaceful world. That perspective changed the moment a commercial airplane slammed into the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th. Terrorists killed over 6,000 American citizens within a few hours. Suddenly, life as America knew it changed. Many stood in disbelief when they saw the joyous reactions of people cheering on the streets of Palestine. Our nation came

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    Group Members: Dustin Ballard Caroline Fraser Thomas Lichtenberger Brandon Mendoza Project Rough Draft SOURCES COUNT: (7/10 minimum) With the increase in humans populating the planet, there comes a need for more and more resources, as well as more highways for transportation, leading to more cars on the road, and ultimately more greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas activity is obtained by subtracting the long wave radiation which escapes the earth from the estimated radiation emitted by the

  • Rough Draft For Better Or For Worse

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    Rough Draft “For Better or for Worse” When we are young we play house and we play doctor, we pretend we are husbands and wives to the kids we play with. Marriage is imbedded into our minds at a young age and we value marriage as we get older. We see examples of marriages through personal experience, the TV, and through the media, but how much has marriage changed now compared to the 1950’s? The idea of marriage has been altered and improved since the 1950’s because of feminism, views about individualism

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    Women in Combat – Rough Draft January 24, 2013 Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women serving in combat. For years women have served with honor and distinction. When faced with combat and in an insurgency type of modern warfare, any soldier can potentially see combat. Realistically, there is a difference between experiencing combat on a convoy and going out day after day on combat patrols to perform search and destroy missions. Having served as a Marine Infantryman in Afghanistan

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    Samuel Cedeno Gen/200 August 27, 2012 Instructor: Jennifer Smith Personal Responsibility Leads to Success Even though a person taking on too many responsibilities can lead to his or her downfall, personal responsibility can lead to success in higher education. Because responsibility is the force that binds an individual to the course of action demanded by the goal, personal responsibility can incur beneficial habits and admirable behaviors that will advocate successful outcome. The state

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    Anthony Grimes Ashford University ENG122-English Composition II Instructor Mitchell November 26, 2012 Substance abuse and consumption have become an epidemic in America. The use of drugs results in countless drug-related deaths and causes states to spend billions of dollars to combat drug trafficking. Drugs are shipped in by sea, air, automobile, and even smuggled in by person. These drugs are supplied by drug cartels. These criminal organizations where formed to promote, control, produce

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    Rana Sayed English 355:100R Professor Nevius September 24, 2014 Creative Thinking With A Traveling Mindset In Alain de Botton’s essay, “On Habit” and Adam Gopnik essay, “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” explain the way that individuals can think creatively and express their feelings and thoughts into newer meaning and in-depth ideas. They also explain the way that the human race are so engaged in technology and busyness that they are overlooking what really is important to them in their life. De Botton

  • Communism Vs. Capitalism : Rough Draft

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    Jack Clendenen English 1A Professor Roffel October 10th, 2014 Communism vs. Capitalism Comparison Rough Draft Throughout the history of the United States, capitalism has always been a staple in American society. Would the country we live in today be an enhanced, more equal place to live if it were a communist one? Communism, by definition, is more or less an economic system of society in which the major resources and means of production are owned by the community and are not monopolized. Whereas

  • Ability 's Inability ( Rough Draft )

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    Ability’s Inability (Rough Draft) When considering Christian allegories that have been written through the years, one has stood out from the rest. This piece of literature has stood the test of time and remained beloved by many readers. In "Class Formation, Politics, Structures of Feeling" Geoff Eley states “Pilgrim 's Progress is, with Rights of Man, one of the two foundational texts of the English working-class movement: Bunyan and Paine, with Cobbett and Owen, contributed most to the stock of

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    CANADA RESEARCH PAPER ROUGH DRAFT Canada is the country to the north of North America, surrounded by the United States in northwest of Alaska. and shares borders with the United States of America. Canada and the USA actually share the longest international border in the world. It is 8,891km/5,525miles long. The country expands from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to to the Pacific Ocean and right underneath the Arctic Ocean. Canada is the world 's second-largest country in land mass, but has a small

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    Nikol Shapiro Honors Writer’s Workshop Mrs. Skemp-Cook 03 December 2014 Personality Psychology Rough Draft Humans, in general, are united through their basic genetics and survival instincts, yet even with the fact that we 're all part of the same species, each and every one of us are completely unique and separate from one another. That 's because we have different personalities that are derived from what stimulates our brains and, in turn, controls our emotions and actions. These variations in personalities

  • A Rough Draft 1 : Victim Blaming Essay

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    Tatianna Villegas Mrs.Sheppard AP Lang & Comp 18 April 2016 Rough Draft 1: Victim Blaming in Rape Cases Rape is a crime in which one person forces another person with threats, physical force or deception to have sex or sexual contact. In many cases rape is often through penetration, but victims are submitted to rape under different circumstances, such as oral sex, therefore rape has many muddled definitions. The various definitions of rape is a consequence of different cultural backgrounds and

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    Science Fiction Paper Rough Draft Take 2 Wade Doty Section AC 5/8/15 Rick never fit in at grade school; he would spend most of his time daydreaming about going to space. As he doodled artwork of space ships, his imagination would wonder and often featured him as a future explorer leading humans into the next great frontier. English and the study of history bored him, but whenever he went to a science class he felt as if he were truly alive. Learning about the vast distances between Earth and the

  • Health Insurance And Employers ( Rough Draft )

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    Health Insurance and Employers (Rough Draft) Jenry Martin ENG122: English Composition II Instructor: Brandon Bond January 22, 2016 Health insurance and employer’s providing insurance benefits for their employee’s has been a debate for a long time. Everyone is asking who should pay for it and who shouldn’t. From my point the employer should pay for health insurance. Why? It is simple

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    Persuasive Rough Draft Essay In recent discussions of trigger warnings-“alerts that professors are expected to issue if something in a course might cause a strong emotional response”, is a controversial issue that has been whether trigger warnings at colleges/universities should be issued to students who wish to be alerted on unappealing subjects or to not have trigger warnings from being practiced in American Universities. On the other hand, some argue that trigger warnings are necessary to keep

  • Riordan Manufacturing Presentation Rough Draft

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    Riordan Manufacturing Presentation Rough Draft Introduction The Executive leadership of Riordan Manufacturing Company are visiting next week and our team has been asked to prepare this six page paper that goes along with the presentation as the initial rough draft of the company’s financial state components of the financial system and the required systems that will talk to the company’s financial system. Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide plastics manufacturer employing more

  • Short Story : ' Memoir ' Rough Draft '

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    Nate Bretches Memoir Rough Draft “The surgeon said the right side of her brain has died and the left side isn’t far behind.” I could not believe what I was hearing. Hearing these words was like listening to nails on a chalkboard-very unpleasant and cringe-inducing. I could not believe this woman who I loved very much and who I had become incredibly close with was on death’s doorstep. My grandmother and I had always been very close ever since I was about 4 years old. Besides my great-grandmother

  • Grade Deflation Rough Draft : Outline

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    Kenneth A. Hicks Prof. Erika Jo Brown HYBRID ENGL 1303 September 30, 2015 Grade Deflation Rough Draft Imagine you have an essay due in two weeks, and you work on it day and night, run it through professors and friends for them to tell you what you think, and you do an extensive research to have supporting facts about what you are writing about. Your essay is immaculate, it has everything the professor asked for in the grading rubric. When you receive your grade, however, you are disappointed, you

  • Diabetic Biological Variation - Rough Draft

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    Diabetic Biological Variation – Rough Draft Diabetes is a complex disease which bonds together evolution and environmental factors and creates many health issues for humans. Diabetes (mellitus) is classified into three groups of metabolic diseases that involves high blood sugar (glucose) and it can occur in different ways depending on circumstances. Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells do not function correctly, and evidently the cells do not properly respond to insulin. Type 1 diabetes involves the

  • Expository Writing Rough Draft On School

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    Kirk Zimmer Expository Writing Rough Draft Everything Wrong With School In 10 Minutes or Less! When I was twelve, I had no appreciation for school. I saw it as nothing more as a glorified daycare center with all the rules and regulations specifically designed to restrict as much fun as possible. Then one day in the ninth grade, I had a revelation: what if school was actually meant to build me up with knowledge and facts and not just waste my time? This was the foundation I needed to get me through

  • A Very Rough Draft : The Presidential Debate

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    Title (A Very Rough Draft) In the upcoming presidential debate our two main candidates fight for a spot to be president, but in order to take down the opponent it is necessary to find and reveal any contributions that could ruin the race for one candidate. This was what the political ad called “Trustworthy” by AmericaRisingPAC is trying to convey. This ad focuses on every major lie or contradiction that Hillary Clinton has mentioned or done throughout the course of her campaign. Trustworthy’s main

  • Work Life Balance Rough Draft

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    Work-Life Balance Rough Draft: Introduction Work. Up until the late 20th century, adults would go to work, do their jobs, and come home after an eight-hour shift. Work was done at work. With the advancement of technology, the internet and mobile phones have changed the landscape of the typical workday. Except for a small amount of service jobs, an 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, eight-hour work day no longer exists. The 40-hour work week has been stretched significantly. Shutting off the lights at the office

  • Writing Project One - Rough Draft Essay

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    Writing Project One – Rough Draft The Relations I have with my siblings are the most important in my life for many reasons. My family includes my mom five siblings and I. Being the oldest child comes with great responsibilities and lots of expectations. When I was eleven I wished I was the youngest because I knew my younger brothers had the type of life I wanted. No chores just love and laughter with some video games thrown in. I always held my feelings in and just kept them to myself, I did not

  • Preventing Juvenile Delinquency Rough Draft

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    slowing down the statistics of crimes among adolescents, by keeping them off of the streets and out of the justice system by providing the means to teach them to be productive rather than destructive. Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency-Rough Draft Introduction Juvenile delinquency is not a new concept; it has been around for decades. It is doubtful that it will ever stop but there are ways to prevent it. This paper will cover two perspectives of prevention. One being types of programs offered

  • Oral History Of Oral History Rough Draft

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    Oral History Rough Draft (After beginning the interview and gathering information I decided to switch up my questions, and narrow them down to be more specific to her personally from what I had in my oral proposal) Interviewee: Barbara Gaston Barbara Gaston was an old family/friend, who I didn’t have much history on. She grew up in Cincinnati, OH. She married at age 23 and defined herself primarily as a wife and mother for the next 20 years. She was a young mother and wife, which was not untypical

  • Cryptography : Applied Cryptography Rough Draft

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    Running Head: Cryptography 1 Cryptography 12 Applied Cryptography Rough Draft ISSC 431 Professor Christopher Weppler October 6, 2015 Introduction Over the years, cryptography has been used to protect secrets, in a military capacity to make sure that either hackers, enemies of the countries, do not intercept sensitive formation. Ciphers, and encryption blocks are becoming so hard to break even the best super computers cannot break the codes in a timely fashion. Encryption

  • Learning Autobiography Rough Draft By Mary Carrasco Essay

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    Learning Autobiography rough draft by Mary Carrasco Later as an adolescent, I was an active member of my high school’s Girls Football team and Volleyball. I attend a post-secondary institution right after high school; I received my Medical Assistance Certification from Star Technical Institute in Whitehall, PA. I pursue my dreams of obtaining the education I had always desired and found a great job in the medical assistance field. Another event, which shifted my life forever, was accepting a marriage

  • Card 405- Rough Draft Portfolio

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    Natalia Perez Portfolio September 28, 2012 Table of Contents Statement of Authenticity …………………………………………………………………...……3 Personal Mission Statement……………………………………………………………………….4 Elevator Speech …………………………………………..………………………………………5 Education………………………………………………………………………………………….6 Resume…………………………………………………………………………………………….9 Professional development and Training ……………………………………………………..…..10 Reference…………………………………………………………………………………..…….11 Reference List ……………………………………………………………………………

  • The Topic Of Religion ( A Focus On Pastafarians ) Rough Draft

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    Aaron Mendoza Farmer ENGL 1301 12/01/14 On the Topic of Religion(A Focus on Pastafarians) rough draft "Hello, madam, have you accepted our lord and savior, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, into your life?" the man says, a colander on his head, with a vaguely pirate-esque accent. Another annoying pastalatizer arrived at your door. What do you say? Ignore him or hear him out? Is this man insane, or does he simply see you as someone to prank? Is this a game? Well, you 're answer could be any of the above

  • Rough Draft Persuasive Essay : No Standardized Testing

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    Julia Suter Ms. Schlagel English 8 3 December 2015 Rough Draft Persuasive Essay: No Standardized Testing “High school grades reflect years of effort and are more reliable assessment of college potential than test scores.” Historians detected that standardized testing started back in the seventh-century in China. The government of China began to organize written exams to select people for the civil service. Also many educators try to make sure that they are following the right requirements

  • Police Worn Body Cameras : Rough Draft

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    Police-Worn Body Cameras: Rough Draft Within recent years there has been much controversy surrounding police officers and whether or not they should be wearing body cameras to document their everyday interactions with the public. While the use of body cameras may seem to invade the public or police privacy. Police-worn body cameras will be beneficial to law enforcement and civilians all over the world. Police must be equipped with body cameras to alleviate any doubt in the effectiveness of officers

  • French Revolution Research Essay Rough Draft

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    Caitlin Pekrul Mr.Slawson Honors World History 11 May 2016 French Revolution Research Essay Rough Draft France during the 1780s was under the control of King Louis XVI which led to the economy, political state and social state to struggle. The people were being taxed heavily, they were not allowed a say in their government, and were born into the jobs they had. The French wanted a change in the government which ultimately started the French Revolution. A revolution is the overthrowing