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  • Sex Is A Sex Offender Or Not?

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    Most sex offeneders are male. Aileen Wuronos is one serial killer the residents of Florida have look to in both horror and fascination since it first happened. The question proposed is whether or not Aileen Wuronos is considered a sex offender or not. At first I didn’t believe she should be considered a sex offender, but after doing more reading on her cases and her as a person I changed my mind and believe that she is in fact one of the few female sex offenders. I thik she is just a cold blooded

  • Sex Offenders And Sexual Offenders

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    They can be your next door neighbor, someone down the street, or even a stranger behind you in line at the shopping center. Sex offenders are out there. They do not wear a label on them that says, “I am a registered sex offender”. They are required to register on the sex offender registry list as well as inform neighbors, put it on job applications, live a certain distance away from any zone which contain children, and follow several other places they are forbidden to go as part of their release

  • Sexual Offenders And Sex Offenders

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    States, failure to adequately discriminate between and among sex offenses and the overuse of the label “sex offense” has led to the polarization and over criminalization of sex crimes and has resulted in a lack of reintegration options for these alleged criminals. The term “sex offender” needs to be reserved for those individuals who best represent the meaning of the term. (Colbert, 2011, p. 1) According to US Department of Justice, a sex offender is anyone convicted of an offense of a sexual nature under

  • Sexual Offenders And Sex Offenders

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    population I do want to work with. After long thought, I decided I do not want to work with sex offenders, I’d rather work with children and perhaps that is where I get my bias against sex offenders or perhaps it stems from other reasons. Through my research, I am hoping to discover new information about sex offenders that may change my opinion and help me to see them in a new light. When I think of a sex offender what automatically comes to my mind is a creepy middle aged white man who lives in close

  • Sex Abuse And Sex Offenders

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    Sex offenders can be described as a person who has committed any of a variety of offenses, including rape, child abuse, possession of child pornography, exhibitionism (flashing), and even consensual sex amongst teenagers.They can vary between adults or juveniles, male or female, and the perpetrators may even be strangers, acquaintances, or related to their victims. Based on the different characteristics and motivations for committing these heinous offenses, these offenders require different responses

  • Rehabilitation of Sex Offenders

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    child. According to Becerra-García, García-León and Egan (2012), sex offenders are twice as likely to report being sexually, emotionally, or physically abused as a child in comparison to other offenders. There are also other factors besides abuse that must be taken into consideration. A recent study on female sex offenders by Roe-Sepowitz and Krysik (2008) states, “the data reveal that many of the 118 female juvenile sex offenders came from chaotic and disorganized families and had poor parental

  • Sex Offender Registry

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    person that can be place on the National Sex Offender Registry is age 6. Yes, a kindergarten and be found to be a sexual predator as society puts it. Individuals on the registry are all treated equal by the public no matter the details of their actual crime. Even though the sex offender registry is a positive tool in the protection of society, the registry needs to be evaluated because sexual assault is not the only form of child abuse, non-violent offenders are on the registry, and children are now

  • The Importance Of Sex Offender

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    by a sex offender this can have a domino effect on how their life can resolve. Being sexually abuse by a sex offender can be very traumatizing and take a mental toll on the child that is being abused. Sex offender are qualified as unlawful because of the level of harm that can be brought to a kid. If kids are not mental stable than how will they be able to go through everyday life as an adult. Many sex offenders became sex offender because they may have been abused by another sex offender when they

  • Juvenile Sex Offenders

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    Juvenile sex offenders are frequently treated in the same manner as their adult counterparts with regards to punishment and sex offender registering. “Nationally, juvenile sex offenders make up 20% of all individuals charged with sexual offenses (McGinnis, 2006).” Placing a sex offender label on a juvenile may unjustifiably put restrictions on his or her opportunities in adulthood so it is for this reason that cases involving juvenile sex offenders should be prosecuted cautiously. The term “sex offender”

  • The Profiling Of Sex Offenders

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    Sex Offenders Brittany Pegram CJUS 340-D05 Criminology Professor Ryan Sharp   Abstract In this paper I will discuss the typical profiling of sex offenders and how one cannot simply point them out in a crowd. I will discuss why sex offenders do not stand out from “normal” people. I will discuss a little bit of why these people do the things they do and what kind of cure there is for these crimes, if any. It is important to know why we cannot assume one is bad news, such as a sex offender and to find