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  • Personal Statement : Spiritual Gifts

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    Religion 121 December 5th, 2014 Spiritual Gifts Spiritual gifts have been a topic of heated debate among a wide array of congregations and faith believers. Are these gifts just natural everyday abilities or miraculous one’s on par with what Jesus showed on earth? Scripture gives some insight into these questions but with the power and flexibility of interpretation these answers are also obscured. Before any external analyses and opinions are examined, spiritual gifts should be explained in its original

  • A Biblical Study of Spiritual Gift of Tongues Essay

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    Continuists argue that the spiritual gift of tongues still continue today. To understand this fully, we need to remind ourselves of the primary purpose of the spiritual gifts and the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues. Donald W. Burdick refutes the argument of the cessationists using I Corinthians 13:8. According to him, “we must notice, however, that this verse does not say that tongues were to cease at the end of the apostolic age.” However, he also concluded that healings, tongues, interpretation

  • Spiritual Gifts : A Spiritual Gift

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    Introduction C. Peter Wagner (2012) defines a spiritual gift as attribute given to each member of the body of Christ, according to God’s grace to be used for the church. Every believer possesses unique God given spiritual gifts. These gifts are given to us to further His kingdom and to bring Him glory. The Biblical reference to Spiritual gifts are found in four passages: Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10; 28-30, Peter 4:9-11, and Ephesians 4:11. They are Leadership, Administration, Knowledge

  • Spiritual Gifts : A Spiritual Gift

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    Spiritual Gifts What is a Spiritual Gift? Spiritual Gifts are special abilities used for spiritual purposes given to each believer by the Holy Spirit, according to God’s purpose for our lives, to accomplish a given ministry God 's way according to grace and discernment; to be used as the Body of Christ. What does the Bible say about Spiritual Gifts? There are different spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; and there are different ministries and the same Lord; and there are different activities but

  • Spiritual Gifts : A Spiritual Gift

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    me on the topic of spiritual gifts. Knowing and understanding the different spiritual gifts is of key importance in the life of a Jesus follower. Not only for yourself, but also, for non-believers who may have the same questions and curiosities. There are several different spiritual gifts and each one serves a specific and meaningful purpose for the Kingdom of God. Let us begin with explaining what spiritual gifts are so that we can understand their unique purpose. Spiritual gifts are the direct result

  • Spiritual Gifts

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    Introduction All over the world, spiritual gifts continue to be a debatable issue with Christians and non-Christian groups. Therefore, in this essay, defining the information on spiritual gifts is discussed and how it is distinguished from the Spiritual fruits. Also, the identity of spiritual maturity is addressed. Throughout this essay, the topic of speaking in tongues and how today's society view the speaking in tongues. Finally, if it is valid and how some Church's groups see the speaking

  • My Spiritual And Discipleship Condition Essay

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    as “a man after God’s own heart” (1 Sam. 13:14). If David recognized the importance of self-evaluation, then every Christian should continually evaluate themselves according to God’s principles in the Bible. In this paper, I will be examining my spiritual and discipleship condition in relation to myself, God, and others. In relation to myself, my biggest weakness would be my fear and anxiety. My biggest fear is change. In the past, I have had many bad experiences with change. For example, the most

  • The Outline Of My Overview Of Soul Gifting To Christ

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    to trust me. I use my gifts in building trust in the first (8) minutes. I have many experiences witnessing, but souls winning to Christ in my opinion are a hit or miss. Everyone is different in personality style and temperament. When they reject (The Word of God) they don’t reject you…it is Christ they reject. In my viewpoint, the more exposure and experience an ambassador has, the better they will become at soul winning. Soul winning is something I look at as a spiritual gift from God. The individual

  • The Charismatic Gifts Debate : A Research Proposal

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    LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE CHARISMATIC GIFTS DEBATE A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. MARSHALL WICKS IN COMPLETION OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THEO350 B02 BY BARBARA TODD SCHOOL’S LOCATION: LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA FEBRUARY 15, 2015   Introduction The charismatic gifts debate is an important topic today developed over time in three phases. The first phase began with the Pentecostalism in the first century. The second phase began in the 1960s with the charismatic movement

  • The Powerful Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

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    of division within the church over many issues. One debate in particular is the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. Fortunately, it’s not the argument of whether or not the charismatic spiritual gifts were part of the first century. However, the major issue at hand is whether or not the charismatic spiritual gifts are still used in today’s church, or not? There are many beliefs of charismatic gifts, based off denominational sectors, church affiliations, personal experiences, and last but not