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    The short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London is about a man who wants to get to the mining camp at Henderson Creek. The story starts off with the exposition, which is basically explains the situation. The man starts his journey without realizing how cold it is outside. The only one who is traveling with the man is a dog who seems to know that it is not safe to travel in those conditions. As the man starts to feel his cheeks cold he stops to build a fire and get warm. But only for a while then

  • To Build a Fire

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    To Build a Fire The short story "To build a Fire" by Jack London, tells about the relationship between man and nature. The story takes place in the Yukon during one of the long night. The main character who is unnamed travels with a dog along a small trail to a mining camp. The man leaves against the advice of a local and after a short time realizes that he should have waited. The temperature is extremely cold because the mans spit freezes before it hits the ground. The main obstacle of his journey

  • Naturalism In To Build A Fire

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    The novel “To build a fire” written by Jack London is based on the naturalism, which is a type of literature that is focused on Darwinian’s theory, “survival of the fittest”. It can be interpreted as your will exists, but this will is enslaved by beyond your control. Naturalistic writing came out about in 19th century, and it was profound ideology stemming from realism. Generally, the naturalism- based stories’ themes are man against nature or awakening that nature is indifferent to men. In this

  • “To Build a Fire” Essay

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    “To Build a Fire” is a short story written by Jack London. It is viewed as a masterpiece of naturalist fiction. “To Build a Fire” features a miner who is traveling to the Yukon Territory with a dog as his companion. The miner is the protagonist and the dog companion is called the foil. The dog plays off of the traits of the protagonist. “The central motif of “To Build a Fire” concerns the struggle of man versus nature.” (Short Story Criticism) The most argued point in the short story is the reason

  • To Build A Fire Essay

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    'To Build a Fire';      In Jack London's, 'To Build a Fire';, it is obvious to see that as the story progresses, the man becomes more bestial. However at the same time the dog seems to gain the human quality of good sense. This quality of good sense, which the dog acquires, allows it to away from the same fate of the man. There are many examples of how this is portrayed as the story makes headway.      The first example of how the man becomes more

  • To Build A Fire Analysis

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    To Build a Fire Essay In the short story To Build a Fire by Jack London, London uses the minor character, the dog, to display the common sense and wisdom that the man in the story lacks. The actions by both the nameless man and the dog prove that, during the battle of man versus nature, survival instincts should be heard and followed. Acting unreasonably in such conditions along the cold Yukon trail, where the story takes place, is nothing else but a death sentence. To overcome nature in this situation

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    and heat. We have grown so accustom to this life style that if it got all taken away tomorrow, we wouldn’t know how to survive. Mankind is losing its survival instincts, which Jack London tries to bring to our attention in the short story, To Build a Fire. In the short story the main character, a young man who remains nameless, is in the wilderness accompanied by a husky dog around what we know as Alaska today. It is an extremely cold morning at nearly 50 degrees below 0. Throughout this short

  • To Build A Fire Essay

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    “To Build A Fire”, by Jack London was a story about a man who’s job is to ship logs in the springtime. The author uses the 8 aspects of fiction to reflect his point of view that it takes brains to survive. The characters in the story are used to keep the story going and help the author come across to his audience. The plot is the storyline in which the story it self takes place. The setting is the environment in which the story takes place. The suspense is when the author keeps information back from

  • Theme Of To Build A Fire

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    To Build A Fire Genre: Adventure This short story is of the adventure genre. In the short story, the man is trekking through the Yukon wilderness and trying to survive even though nature is against him. A passage from the story that shows this is the adventure genre is: “This dark line was the trail—the main trail. It led south 500 miles to the Chilcoot Pass, and salt water. It led north 75 miles to Dawson, and still farther on to the north a thousand miles to Nulato, and finally to St. Michael

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    Sometimes everyone feels like giving up, and the only thing a person can rely on is his will to survive. Giving up is admitting defeat, in every circumstance. In the story by Jack London, To Build a Fire, the main character learns a hard lesson of reality, when he meets his fate. The result came about because of many factors, mainly the man’s lack of psychological perserverance on the journey, as well as the harsh temperature and surroundings. If there was any hope for the man to survive these conditions