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  • Unix And Unix Operating System

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    6.4 C-DOT DSS MAX is administrated by UNIX operating system BSNL C-DOT DSS MAX uses UNIX operating system to operate the exchange. The UNIX operating system is a set of programs that act as a link between the computer and the user. The computer programs that allocate the system resources and coordinate all the details of the computer 's internals is called the operating system or kernel. Users communicate with the kernel through a program known as the shell. The shell

  • Unix Operating System

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    Abstract This paper is a general overview of Unix operating system. It starts by presenting a brief history of the early development of Unix. It concentrates on main aspects of Unix operating system. Key concepts covered are interactive multi-user operating systems, the design objectives of Unix, file-store organization, text processing and programming, the role of C programming language with regard to portability and reliable system software, process control (signals and fork), error logging

  • Unix Security Essay

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    An Overview of UNIX Security The purpose of this paper is to analyze the security of UNIX. Considerations shall be given regarding generalized security aspects of a typical UNIX system. The ultimate scope of the following presentation shall remain within the boundaries of a few of the more critical UNIX security aspects. Of particular note will be discussion regarding standard user access, root access, file system security, and internet access precautions. This will not focus on specific

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Unix Linux

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    unix linux Unix has different costs and its not freely accessible linux can be freely downloaded, There are priced versions for Linux also, but windows normally costs a lot more cost unix linux on the other side unix operating system is used in internet servers, workstations & personal computers.Backbone of the majority of finance infastructure and many 24x365 high availability solutions. linux is a great example of an open source software development and free operating system,linux can be installed

  • Essay about UNIX and Windows

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    UNIX and Windows About Unix The Unix operating system is a powerful programming environment designed by and for computer programmers. Unix is available on a wide variety of computer systems, including personal computers, workstations, mainframes and supercomputers. It was developed for, and is particularly well suited to, multi-user systems, but is now also run on 'stand-alone' machines. Beginners and casual users often find the jargon-filled help system frustrating and the lack of

  • Essay on UNIX&Linux

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    UNIX AND LINUX Two Powerful Systems That Are Often Misunderstood Unix and Linux            There have been many-recorded eras throughout man’s history. There was the Ice Age (BURR), the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Industrial Age (revolution) just to name a few. Each of these eras marks pivotal advances in humankind. Here are some examples of our advancements, during the Ice Age, one of nature’s

  • Comparing Microsoft DOS with UNIX Essay

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    Comparing Microsoft DOS with UNIX As is suggestive of its name, an operating system (OS) is a collection of programs that operate the personal computer (PC). Its primary purpose is to support programs that actually do the work one is interested in, and to allow competing programs to share the resources of the computer. However, the OS also controls the inner workings of the computer, acting as a traffic manager which controls the flow of data through the system and initiates the starting and

  • Unix, Linux, and Windows Server Critique Essay

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    UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server Critique UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server Critique Administration Windows Server Advantages There are many administration advantages for Windows Servers. One aspect is domain operations which are an important resource available on the network through Window Server. Making Window Server a domain controller adds security and the ability to add local and group policies to the network (Garza, 2010). If Window Server is not promoted to the status

  • Windows Nt vs Unix as an Operating System

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    Windows NT vs Unix As An Operating System In the late 1960s a combined project between researchers at MIT, Bell Labs and General Electric led to the design of a third generation of computer operating system known as MULTICS (MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service). It was envisaged as a computer utility, a machine that would support hundreds of simultaneous timesharing users. They envisaged one huge machine providing computing power for everyone in Boston. The idea that machines as powerful

  • Guide to Unix Using Linux Fourth Edition Chapter 1 Review Question Solutions

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    Guide to UNIX Using Linux Fourth Edition Chapter 1 Solutions Answers to the Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. Your boss drops by your office in a hurry to ask you to attend a meeting at 10:30 on Friday morning and you can’t find a pen to make a note as a reminder. What Linux command can you use to make a quick note to store in a file called Meeting? Answer: b. cat > Meeting 2. Before you make the note in Question 1, you decide to determine Friday’s date, so that you can include