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  • Media Analysis of Gender Essay

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    First of all, in The Simpsons, the scene where we get into the actual plot of the story opens with Marge and Lisa walking into a department store that sells dolls. The gender stereotype that girls are only interested in playing with dolls is reinforced here as a huge selection of Malibu Stacy dolls is on display with a throng of screeching, bloodthirsty girls tearing the store apart. Lisa says, “I’m warning you mom, I might get a little crazy.” and immediately knocks down a girl and snatches another

  • TV MYTHS Essay

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    TELEVISION AS A MEDIUM FOR MODERN DAY MYTHS Throughout the 1950s and 1960s television programming developed rapidly into more than an assortment of fact and fiction narratives; it became itself a social text for an increasing population, “functioning as a kind of code through which people gleaned a large portion of their information, intellectual stimulation, and distraction” (Danesi, 240). Since its inception in the mid-1930s, many of television’s programs have become the history of many cultures

  • Analysis of Mise-En-Scene in the Film 'American Beauty' Essay

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    How does mise-en-scene create meaning and provoke response in the opening of American Beauty? The opening scene of American Beauty shows a teenage girl lying in a bed, venting her feelings towards her father. In this, the audience sees her in dull clothing and colours, minimal make-up and has greasy-looking hair. As she sits up, her hair falls around her face and she stares directly into the camera, giving a sense of unease to the audience. The next shot is an establishing shot, showing the

  • Toronto Mississippi by Joan Macleod Essay

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    Literature as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the body of written works produced in a particular language, country, or age”. Literature comes in different variations, languages, and from different countries. Canadian literature is literature made exclusively by an author of Canadian descent that understands what life is as a Canadian. The Canadian play I chose to read was Toronto Mississippi by Joan Macleod. The play has different themes that can be used as to teaching tools in Canadian

  • Television Sitcom : A Tv Sitcom

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    subtle and extreme blurring the lines between surreal and factual. The Simpsons (Fox, 1989) is America’s longest running sitcom, the youtube channel ‘Now You See It’ suggests that this is because of “The Perfect Balance.” (Now You See It, 2015) The use of classic sitcom techniques such as sincere lessons revolving around relatable topics like home life, religion and the workplace teamed with ‘cartoon’ humour allows for The Simpsons to both make us laugh and make us empathise with the characters in a

  • Literature Survey And Text Analysis

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    Assignment Component 1: Course Work Folio Topic 1: Culture/ Youth Culture Task: Literature Survey & Text Analysis of Youth Culture in Australia Task 1 a) Culture is defined as the characteristics that a specific group of people ranging from language, religion, music, cuisine and social habits. There are a variety of cultures around the globe e.g. Western culture, African culture, Middle Eastern culture etc. (http://www.livescience.com/21478-what-is-culture-definition-of-culture.html) b) Culture

  • The Dystopia Of Anne Washburn 's Play, Mr. Burns : A Post Electric Play

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    culture in many ways. The purposes of popular culture sometimes change or remain the same. Popular culture is with us throughout our lives in times of triumph and anxiety. Washburn’s play focuses on a group of people who recall an episode of The Simpsons during a time of crisis. They compare lines and characters in order to better understand the environment around them and they talk about it to entertain themselves. Recalling an old episode was an activity for the characters to spend time during

  • Mr. Burns : An Episode Of The Simpsons

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    woods. They recount a normalcy of how life used to be, an episode of The Simpsons. Throughout the recounts on what happened in the episode “Cape Feare”, the play introduces a new character which gives exposition to the current landscape of the United States. As the play continues into its second and third act, there is a large shift on the scenery, lighting, etc. as the cast begins to recreate the episode of The Simpsons which they discuss in the previous act. While it is easy to get lost on why

  • Satire In Family Guy

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    What is a stereotype? The Free Dictionary defines a stereotype as “a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group” (Stereotype). Although many people may not realize it, stereotypes influence how they interact with others each day. People judge others because of their race, ethnicity, religion, and heritage before they even know the person. These judgements come from stereotypes they encounter in their lives. There are

  • Similarities And Differences Between The Flintstones And The Simpsons

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    The Flintstones vs The Simpsons Every media text goes through the process of construction and reflects culture, social values and issues, generalised views, attitudes, and beliefs concerning the period of construction. No matter what time and place become the preset of the story, TV shows portray the modern state of society. The Flintstones and The Simpsons series are two animated stories about families and the community they live in. Two main characteristics of the shows that allow the audience