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  • Jackson Pollock Action Painting Analysis

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    The final artist for your consideration is Jackson Pollock, who invented a form of Abstract Expressionist painting called Action Painting. “This kind of painting is called action painting because the painter tries various means of action and by working from different angles throws the paint to the canvas along with the movement, creates canvases.” (Hajali, 2) As such, Pollock expresses more emotional character without any depictions. When you view them, your eye can not land on one spot, there is

  • Essay about Salome and Cupid

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    The paintings Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist, by Guido Reni and Cupid Chastised, by Bartolomeo Manfredi are both 17th century visual representations of a story. The story behind Salome is the interesting biblical story of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, as it’s title suggests. The story goes that Salome performed a dance for the king and his guests. Herod Antipas saw Salome’s dance and was so impressed, and drunk, that he promised to give her whatever she asked of him. After

  • Essay On Francisco Goya

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    resemblance of the royal elite class. Most of Goya’s paintings capture the sensitivity of artistic techniques through brushstrokes. Some of Goya’s artistic works introduce to the audience, a world of ghosts, witches and other creatures, which invade the mind and include nightmarish visions. Goya’s famous

  • Yosemite Valley Painting By Pablo Munoz

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    Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and see the beautiful Yosemite Valley painting by Pablo Munoz. The artist concentrated his painting on distant mountains, and rushing streams that invites viewers to admire the beauty of nature. Pablo Munoz used some elements of art in his painting such as color, light, and line to show his viewers different emotions. One element of art that Munoz used in his painting is color. He used color in his painting for many reasons. For example, he used local colors, which are the

  • Tintoretto's Last Supper Analysis

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    I. We have looked at sculptors, paintings, architecture, and prints with varying styles, from a numerous amount of artists. While I am intrigued by mostly all of what we have studied, The Last Supper paintings catch my eye the most. Many artists have successfully completed paintings of The Last Supper including, Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, and Leonardo da Vinci; however, da Vinci was the first, original painter of The Last Supper. My favorite Last Supper painting definitely has to be the one by Tintoretto

  • Essay On Lily Briscoe's To The Lighthouse

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    Often times, humans are known to reflect on their past actions in search of significant moments contributing to their life purpose. The novel To the Lighthouse has many hidden meanings within the characters thoughts and actions relating to the themes of the novel. Lily Briscoe, a young female artist and guest staying at the Ramsay family summer cottage, reflects on a painting in progress throughout the novel. Over the course of 10 years, the characters and environment change dramatically, causing

  • Analysis Of Arth 202 : Survey Of The History Of Western Art II

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    foreground are static, as they are watching the action unfold behind them. In contrast, the slave masters and slaves are seen in motion. Linear perspective is evident in the orthogonal lines made by the fence of the holding pin. This is the only instance of orthogonal in the piece, so it is unclear where the exact vanishing point is located. The gradual decreasing in size of the figures also adds to the linear perspective and depth of the painting. The piece similar to A Sunday Afternoon on the

  • Muqarnas By Nancy Steinhardt: An Analysis

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    which was published in 1987, focuses on Chinese paintings as sources for Siyah Qalam's paintings and finds connections between these paintings and authentic paintings by specific Chinese painters of the Yuan era. This author identifies four subjects in Siyah Qalam's paintings in common with the purposeful works of two Chinese painters: she writes, "in searching for a cultural milieu that might explain the often bizarre imagery of the Istanbul album paintings, one is, however, tempted to see in them something

  • Leyster And Daumier Painted Everyday Life Events

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    view her. This type of painting was extremely rare, if not unheard of during a time when female artists were seen as inferior. The Baroque style of painting exhibits bold colors and dramatic lighting with loose brush strokes. Leyster painted herself looking straight, a slight smile, and comfortable posture; showing a sense of confidence and engagement she desires to capture as though she were looking at the viewer directly. Leyster also had a smooth finish to her painting making it look more like

  • Poetry : Are The Arts Of Painting And Poetry

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    Are the arts of painting and poetry comparable? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but can a painting truly be represented in written form? The Modernist poets William Carlos Williams and W.H. Auden use every grammatical tool and trick of form available to them to do just that. Williams wrote the poem “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” which makes a clear allusion in the first line to a painting with the same name by Brueghel the Elder. Similarly, W.H. Auden also wrote a poem called