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  • Legal professionals (advocates) are one of the core agents of legal system. Therefore it is

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    Legal professionals (advocates) are one of the core agents of legal system. Therefore it is important to look into the sociological aspect of their life and to study the institutions which belong to them. Being an understudied topic, it opens many possibilities in the study of Legal system reform in India. For the purpose there are some researches done by Dr. K.L. Sharma, Marc Galenter, Robert Moong, Nick Robinson, Michaela papa & David B. Wilkins and some others scholars. But even then some of the

  • The Setting of The Jolly Corner and The Devil's Advocate Evoek the Supernatural

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    The Setting of The Jolly Corner and The Devil's Advocate Evoek the Supernatural The Oxford English Dictionary defines "supernatural" as "That which is above nature; belonging to a higher realm or system than that of nature; transcending the powers or the ordinary course of nature." Through the duration of mankind’s existence, humans have been fascinated with a higher power that defies the laws of nature. Supernatural themes have stimulated literature and the arts, both ancient and modern

  • Unauthorized Practise By Lawyers : Clinical Paper : Professional Ethics And Professional Accounting System

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    to the two advocates with reference to why action ought not be made against them by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) as stated by the President P H Parekh. The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA action came two days after Bar Council of Delhi had already issued show-cause notices to the two advocates. A three-part Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) was additionally framed to look into the matter and apart from the President, Mr. P. H. Parekh, senior advocate V Shekhar and

  • Self Reflection

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    As mentioned previously, this semester has been challenging with balancing graduate coursework and life outside of the class room, but I have tried my best to engage in professional behavior and participation in every class component. Those class components include: having discussions in small and large groups; asking questions during normal and guest lectures; working collaboratively during a group project; being prepared for class with necessary materials; being on time to class; respecting others’

  • Advocacy And Boundaries Of Independent Advocacy

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    These are boundaries that the advocates or individuals set for themselves sometimes without realising. It is important that advocates are clear about boundaries of the relationship between themselves and the individual and how they can maintain that. If you are consistent at maintaining these boundaries you will have a good consistency

  • William Atticus Finch The Greatest Hero Of The 20th Century

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    One of the most vilified professions is also one of the most important vocations. On the second Tuesday of every year, the world honors these professionals with "Be Kind to Lawyers Day." The day is meant to give people the chance to let lawyers know how much you appreciate them by thanking them, taking them to dinner or sending them a gift to show your gratitude that they are there to keep you out of trouble. With "Be Kind to Lawyers" day here, it is also a chance to enjoy some of the best lawyer

  • Social Policy And The Access Of The Judiciary System

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    What is Social Policy and the link to the Judiciary system Social policy aims to improve human welfare and to meet human needs. Important areas of social policy are wellbeing and welfare, unemployment insurance, pensions, the NHS, social housing, family policy, social care, child protection, crime and criminal justice and labour issues. It was said problems of children who were deprived or abused have been connected closely with issues concerning young offenders (, 2015).This statement

  • The Supreme Bench Of Baltimore

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    Following a half-century hiatus, Judge Alfread Salem Niles of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City conceived the idea to revive the institutions of Baltimore’s law clubs by establishing The Layers’ Round Table in 1911. As one member recounted: [W]hile still a judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City, [Judge Alfred Niles] called a group of lawyers to his office in the Court House and laid before them a plan which he had originated and developed for periodical gatherings of a few men of his profession

  • The Medi A Negative Image Of Lawyers And Judges Essay

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    The media often portrays a negative image of lawyers and judges. The way that lawyers and judges act in media can be described as selfish justice. The meaning of selfish justice refers to the lack of concern that lawyers and judges can have regarding the fairness of a trial and the consequences that a ruling can have on another human life. To clarify, in most crime television shows and even in reality, an innocent person can easily be found guilty in court if the district attorney has enough evidence

  • The Challenges Of A Sharie Lawyer

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    As compared to pupillage student to be admitted as advocates & solicitor, after undergo 9 month period of chambering they can be admitted as an advocate and solicitor in the High Court of Malaya or High Court of Sabah and Sarawak. It clearly shows that the chambering process can guaranteed them to be an Advocates & Solicitor and they do not have to sit for interview or examination.