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  • Natural and Synthetic Materials

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    combination of both. “Fibres are thin, hair-like structures” (Blair, n.d: online) that are categorized into two types: long filament fibres and short staple fibres. Natural fibres are usually staple, whilst man-made fibres are filament, with the exception of silk that comes from a natural source. These raw fibres are spun to produce a long, continuous thread referred to as yarn, which is then used in a series of methods that include, stitching, knitting and weaving in order to produce a fabric. The content

  • The Scenario Of Sericulture

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    Jalba Abstract Sericulture is one of the oldest industries in India and Asia. Sericulture is an agro-cottage, forest based industry, labor intensive and commercially attractive economic activity falling under the cottage and small-scale sector. The silk is the final product of this industry. It particularly suits to rural population working with agriculture, entrepreneurs and artisans as it requires low investment with potential for relatively higher returns. It provides income and employment to the

  • Test Material And Its Effects On The Human Body

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    desirable properties and can be used in place of the polymers. The autologous biomaterials will also be cheaper and decompose faster compared to the polymers. In this report, I have mentioned three such autologous biomaterials; albumin, collagen and B.mori silk fibroins, which are easily available and possesses the desired properties to manufacture scaffolds from them. I manufactured scaffolds by the process of electrospinning and tested the porosity and swelling of the scaffolds. Introduction

  • Alpaca Wool Research Paper

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    What the Warmest Winter Gear is made out of. Anyone who lives in a cold climate has gotten cold in their winter gear. They’ve tried different winter gear made out of different materials, but they always found themselves too cold or too hot. And are wasting there money on different kinds of winter gear, and most do not work out. What if they tried wool, synthetic, or alpaca wool, which one keeps people the warmest in the winter? "By 4000 BC, Babylonians were wearing clothing out of crudely woven

  • The Human Stain By Phillip Roth

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    Coleman Silk’s actions show that he is losing his identity. Coleman Silk is a man that made irrational decisions in his life, such as making a racial comment while teaching, lying about his race, and having an affair. In all, he was trying to find a new identity in search for power. As results of his life decisions, Coleman Silk lost his original identity that would dwell on him forever. It all started when professor Coleman Silk was lecturing in class; and he called two absent students "spooks"

  • Wal-Mart Organization: Industry Overview

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    In today's society, Wal-Mart is known as one of the leading competitors of retailing. Wal-Mart was incorporated in 1962, with the goal of becoming the world's biggest and best in the retail world. Over the years, this company has developed into a brand image and market pace to be one of the biggest known industries of all time. Wal-Mart is double the size of its closest competitor with the motto 'Save Money. Live Better.' The owner, Sam Walton, said it best "If we work together, we'll lower the cost

  • Benefits Of A New Technique For Tie Over Dressing Essay

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    used in reconstructive surgery. Tie-over dressing is the most common technique used to fix the skin graft to the recipient bed, decrease the dead space, and prevent hematoma and seroma under the graft. The classic method consists of the use of long silk sutures along the edges of the graft that are tied over impregnated non-adherent gauze covered with a bolus gauze. The tedious and time-consuming nature of its

  • What Is The LA Silks Case Study

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    The L.A. Silks case study is a frustrating example of having the right idea and going about it the wrong way. L.A. Silks imports fine silk fabrics, prints designs on them, and sells the screened silk fabrics to fashion designers around the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Italy, although the major market is still in the U.S. They are looking to expand the production aspect of their business into china as it low operating costs, sits in a free trade zone and has more relaxed rules on chemicals

  • Saree

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    is popular in the west and north of India. In the south, another more streamlined version known as the pavade is popular. Fabrics that are used for chaniya-cholis/exclusive chaniya cholis normally range from cotton, silk to khadi and at times chiffon, organza, satin cotton, raw silk and brocade. But the last variety is only for weddings and formal occasions. KASHMIRI COLLECTION Kashida of Kashmir Kashmiri embroidery is well known for the beauty of its colour, texture, design and technique

  • The Current Indian Laws On Child Labor

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    What are the current Indian laws on child labor and how are they followed? On December 11, 1992, India endorsed the Convention on the Rights of the Child but did not agree to one clause that declared children, fourteen years of age and younger, to be protected by the law to not engage in hazardous working conditions. The convention was open for ratification in 1898 and mapped out basic necessary rights for children under the age of eighteen. These are a few of the rights India ratified: the right