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  • Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Comparison to the Matrix Essay

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    others. Agent Smith does exactly the same action, replication, yet his action is literal. Beatty, the destroyer of knowledge and of enlightenment is totally and completely the same as Agent Smith in Matrix. Beatty knows the truth, what most do not know, about life, and what?s in books. Beatty talks up a storm to those in the dark and essentially turns others into a living copy of him. Both men are deliberately trying to put the world out of the loop by making all others just as they are. Agent Smith

  • Thomas Anderson Rebellion

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    he is Neo, the computer hacker. The agents tell him he is going to get himself in trouble unless he brings Morpheus forward. However, Neo only talking to Morpheus on the phone that one brief time looks at the agents flips them off and proceeds to tell them that he will not help bring Morpheus in. The head agent, Agent Smith, makes Neo's mouth disappear and this is some of the first oddly satisfying graphics we see in this movie. Neo's mouth returns, Agent smith literally "bugs" him. The screen fades

  • The Matrix : The Themes Of The Matrix

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    A world where everyone lives inside of a simulation that is being controlled by machines after humans lost the war, but they are unaware that it is not the real world. A group of people that are trying to take down this simulation called The Matrix. The directors, Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski, use themes, chemistry, and special effects to capture attention and make The Matrix the greatest film ever made. In The Matrix, many themes contribute to the greatness of this film. The theme of freedom

  • Blue Pill: Welcome To The Real World

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    Welcome to the Real World Blue pill, or red pill? What if I told you, it didn’t matter? That the fight against the rebellious Artificial Intelligence is all for naught? That the battles against the evil Agent Smith, and other Agent programs of the Matrix, are completely pointless? Many people believe that once they choose the red pill, they’re free of believing in that fairyland forever. But what if they’re wrong? What if the “Real World” and the Matrix, aren’t so different after all? “What is

  • The Matrix, By Directors Lana And Larry Wachowski Essay

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    Due to technology more advanced, it is only natural for people to question the possibilities and dangers as well its consequences to our society. Science fiction genres are great depictions and visual representations that can bring possible answers to our doubts. In the film The Matrix (1999), directors Lana and Larry Wachowski convey their idea that freedom is when you can fully control you own life and the theme of Reality Vs. illusion through characterization, setting and the films visual effects

  • Persuasive Essay On The Matrix

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    As we grew up, and got into a more understanding stage as a kid, we always have questioned everything that comes new to us, with the, five W’s, (when, where, why, who and what). We experienced new things like, different hobbies, food, traveling to new places, etc. As we enter the teenage years, we think our main goal in life is to, go to school, graduate, school again, graduate and finally our dream job, but life isn’t that easy isn’t? Life involves money, dealing with people, meeting new people

  • The Matrix Movie Analysis

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    A world where everyone lives inside of a computer program that is being controlled by machines after humans lost the war, but they are unaware that it is not the real world. A group of people that are trying to take down this program called The Matrix. This is a movie where the magnificent directors use theme, chemistry, and special effects to capture attention and make the one of the greatest films ever made. In The Matrix, there are many themes that contribute to the greatness of this film. In

  • The Matrix : The Ideas Of The Matrix

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    The scene opens in a restaurant late at night. Both antagonists discuss how they will get what they want. Smith wants the code to zion while Reagan wants to be put back into the Matrix. Both characters have much at stake with what they can gain or lose from the other person which is why the scene is shown to the audience while every other character in the movie is asleep. The restaurant scene opens with Reagan eating a steak and drinking a glass of water with music of harps in the background. This

  • A Virtual Simulation Created By Ai 's? Essay

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    hacker. Men in suits, or as I like to compare them to as Men in Black, start to appear and chase down trinity. They leap over tall building that seem impossible to leap to. She barely escapes the agent and starts to run towards an empty phone booth. It starts to ring and as she takes the call an agent takes a garbage truck and tries to ram her but she disappears into the night without a trace. The next scene is with Keanu Reeve’s character, Thomas Anderson or Neo (which is his hacking name). You

  • Literary Elements In The Matrix

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    virginity (which is often referred to as pure). It is known that John baptised Jesus and Neo’s mentorship about “reality” may be viewed as the baptism of knowledge concerning the protagonist mission against the evil system of the matrix. Like Satan, Agent Smith tries to convince Neo to “submit” to him the information which would make the matrix fully in control of governing people just as Jesus was tempted to “submit”. The name of the company that Neo worked for is Metacortex and the word “meta” which