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  • Alcibiades Ethical Beliefs

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    Alcibiades displayed his eagerness to deceive multiple people in order to achieve what was in his self-interest—his superiority and well-being. He persuaded and encouraged other cities to make walls to the sea, joining alongside Athens in the pursuit against Sparta. While Alcibiades sustained an ongoing relationship with the people, it continued as an imbalance. Alcibiades's lifestyle became public knowledge, and his luxurious behavior was exposed and not particularly desirable to most Athenians

  • Understanding the Motivation off Alcibiades

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    Alcibiades was a highly motivated individual with a drive to gain power by any means necessary. Alcibiades’ upbringing conditioned him, one might say entitled him, to power and influence, and his self-serving actions had the sole objectives of surpassing his predecessors and achieving glory. To understand the motivation of Alcibiades, we must look to his upbringing and character to examine his sense of entitlement. Alcibiades was born into an aristocratic Athenian family so he would have been

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    the life of Alcibiades. For he truly, to his core, believed he was special, apart from the average Athenian. Time and time again, we see Alcibiades go to extremes to achieve the essence of this very statement. It shines evident that he would stop at nothing to be at the pinnacle of Athenian society, even if Athens refused him he would remain steadfast in attaining his maxim. Along the same lines, the notion of character giving rise to destiny presents itself exquisitely through Alcibiades. The polarity

  • The Corruption Of The Youth By Socrates

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    In 399 B.C.E. Athens, Socrates, one of the greatest axial philosophers, was charged with impiety and corruption of the youth by Meletus, Lycon, and Anytus. Socrates was convicted of these accusations and executed. Socrates was one of many great thinkers in Athens, which was experiencing a Golden age as the most progressive and learned democracy in Greece. Strangely, Athens executed Socrates for his speech, which contrasted with Athenian democratic values. Moreover, Socrates was seen as annoying to

  • Thucydides Sicilian Expidition Essay

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    The Sicilian Expedition is the decisive event in the Peloponnesian war. In fact that is what motivated Thucydide's to record it in his historical records. Thucydides prophesized that it would be `the greatest in all Greek history' and "it was a major turning point for Athens',moreover, it was the `most glorious victory for the winners, and the worst calamity for the loosers.' The outcome was that Athens lost the war which lead to the eventual collapse of her empire and dignity. The Athenians lost

  • A Great Mistake Of The Athenians

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    the most costly and splendid Hellenic force that had ever been sent out by a single city up to that time’. Alcibiades, one of the generals of the expedition, had a lot of enemies in Athens, due to his luxury life and desire to get as much fame as possible. So, before the departure of expedition his enemies tried to do everything to implicate him in scandals and expose. All in all Alcibiades was

  • The War And Plato 's Symposium, And The Man Discussed

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    Plato’s Symposium, and the man discussed is the Athenian giant, Alcibiades of the Alcmaeonidae. The authors, of course, have their own aims and reasons for writing their works, Plato, writing an allegory on love likely to defend his teacher Socrates, and Thucydides, to inform on what he believes to be the most significant war in history. The genres of the works being philosophy and history respectively also affects the rhetoric of Alcibiades’ speech; as well as his greater portrayals in the works. It

  • Analysis Of The Athens Strategy In The Peloponnesian War

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    The Athens Strategy in the Peloponnesian War This essay examines the evolution of the Athens strategy from the beginning to the end of The Peloponnesian War (431 to 404 BCE). The Strategy will be evaluated in the context of the relationship of ends, means, and ways by testing the suitability, acceptability, feasibility, and risk. Viewed through ends, ways, means, the character of the Athens strategy evolved from the defensive from the beginning of the war into the offensive during the Sicilian

  • Alcibiades Speech

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    By using Socrates as an overarching metaphor of Eros itself, Alcibiades’ speech takes the ideal praises of Eros in the other speeches and demonstrates the manifestation of the ideologies that are present in the human condition. Alcibiades’ speech encompasses the flaws of humanity and that his lived experience validated the ideals of eros while also providing examples of practical application. The first section of Alcibiades’ speech likens Socrates to a statue of Silenus and the satyr Marsyas. The

  • Speech Of Alcibiades Speech

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    entrance of Alcibiades to symposium shifts the dialogue and suggests the reader his speech must be considered separate from the previous speeches. The first five speeches; the speech of Phaedrus, Pausanias, Eryximachus, Aristophanes, and Agathon contradicted each other and were reconciled in Diotima’s speech about love as in between mortal and immortal, in between beauty and ugliness, and in between wisdom and ignorance. To achieve it, one must give birth to true virtue. () However, Alcibiades speech