Anti-personnel mine

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  • Libertarianism And Anti-Landmines

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    Motorolla, a multinational telecommunication company was involved in selling electronic parts to mine manufacturers, indirectly contributing to the deaths caused by anti-personnel landmines. Back in January 1996, the news broadcasting Motorola’s semiconductor chip being found in a Chinese-made landmine in Cambodia spurred public debate over the company’s ethical code of conduct (HRW, 1997). Anti-personnel mines are explosive weapons built to harm and kill enemies, they are placed just below the grounds

  • Essay on International Warfare

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    of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction. It is this last treaty that has been the subject of much international attention in the last few years. That attention was generated through a multitude of causes including: the

  • Differences between: Legal, Moral and Customary Rights Details on various NGO's that protect and define human rights.

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    1. Distinguish between a) Legal, Moral and Customary Rights. A legal right is one that is enforceable by law. Any citizen and can discover these rights. They can validly be argued in court and generally take preference to other rights. Moral rights are those that particular groups believe are right and just. They are generally derived from religion and reflect the values and attitudes of the group that holds them. Usually the moral rights held by the majority of the population are closely reflected

  • Canada Has Not Taken Responsibility for the Behavior of The Mining Corporations Abroad

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    North Mara mine suffered great human rights abuses under its predecessor, Canada’s Placer Dome. Lissu, who has been jailed for anti-mining activism, claims that Bar- rick’s security operatives at the North Mara mine have since been linked to six violent deaths and that the killings are part of a strategy to silence mine critics. Most of the conflict arises over whether the local tradition of alluvial mining became illegal under arrangements and contracts held by the Porgera gold mine. ATA claimed

  • How Did Technology Affect The Development Of The Vietnam War

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    infantry weapons, booby traps, and anti-aircraft were not around. Only until the start of the war, we began to see an advancement in equipment. These improvements have altered the lives of citizens both on a large and a small scale. The Vietnam war was a lengthy war that lasted for approximately 20 years. The war was between northern and southern Vietnam against communist beliefs. Northern Vietnam was pro-communism and so were its allies Viet Cong. Southern Vietnam was anti-communist and was allied with

  • Transformational Leadership : The Family, Life, And Early Life

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    She assisted Red Cross by leading a movement rid get rid of land mines. Dianna, a compassionate being traveled to Pakistan and Argentina, Angola and spoke on the terror of landmines left from wars. By lending her name to campaigning to ban landmines had a profound impact on Great Britain and other countries.So much so that a second bill was to stop the use of anti-personnel landmines called the Ottawa Treaty. Mr. Cook paid tribute to Princess Dianna for her contributions

  • The Molotov Ribbentrop Pact

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    The agreement astonished the rest of the world due to the contrasting ideologies of the Nazi Party and the Soviet Union – the Soviet Union existed as a communist nation, whilst Nazi Germany employed the social ideologies of anti-Semitism and Nazism. The pact between the two world powers stated that the two nations would not attack each other for a period of ten years; preventing the establishment of a second front for the German forces, whilst providing Stalin with time to

  • What Is The Political Campaign For Defeating The LRA?

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    During liaison meetings, gain the assistance of the other countries that have been actively operating against the LRA in order to have access to joint facilities and joint operations capabilities. HUMINT personnel need to ensure that they are conducting their operations correctly within all laws and regulations. Military Condition The LRA conducts themselves as if they are a military group including training all of the soldiers in military-type tactics

  • Russian Gulag Essay

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    been compared to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, but in reality they were worse. The Gulags were isolated prison camps peppered across Siberia. Death, torture, and disease raged within their walls, while endless work went on outside. Gulag personnel were cruel and unfeeling, using terrible punishment methods and playing senseless games that cost prisoners their lives. Political enemies of the Bolshevik party made up a significant portion of the prisoner population, with most sent to the infamous

  • Canada's Contribution To The World

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    During World War Two, Canada had its share of negativity. Anti-Semitism was spreading all over the west and Canada was no exception. A ship containing Jewish