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  • Army Rotc Is The Reserve Officer Training Core For The United States Army

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    cadet in the best military in the world. You are in Army ROTC. Army ROTC is the Reserve Officer Training Core for the United States Army. The focus of Army ROTC is to teach and instill the Army Values on the Officers of tomorrow while providing them with an education that will benefit them through their entire life. I have conducted an interview of three cadets of the University of Dayton’s Army ROTC program to try and better explain what Army ROTC is. They all elected to keep their anonymity so for

  • Senior Army ROTC Program

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    Being part of an Senior Army ROTC program can have a lot impact on my life. It can provide me with several opportunities and experience I will not receive anywhere else. With the strong discipline, drive, focus I feel it will not only help push me to face difficult situations but be able to be a lawyer in the US. Army. Enrolling in the ROTC program will allow me to enhance my leadership skills and learn how to address certain situation based upon its atmosphere. In order to be a lawyer you must

  • Military Boll History

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    Martinez 3/5/12 The ROTC Military Ball has been around for a while. It is a requirement each year done on the military’s birthday to show respect and have a celebration. It consists of basically 6 rules: Protocol information, Receiving line, posting of the colors, Pow/MIA ceremony, Toasts, Dinner, Guest Speaker and the dance. Depending on the Military force depends on the date. National Guard:  December 16, 1636, U.S. Army:  June 14, 1775, U.S. Navy:  October 13, 1775 (Abolished

  • Essay On Officer Candidate School

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    history, traditions, operations and organization, the candidates are expected to complete multiple courses with passing grades to become Officers in the military. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is the most common way to become an officer. This type of training is offered for the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force. Reserve Officer Training Corps is offered in many colleges and universities in the United States. Reserve Officer Training Corps prepares young adults to become officers in the

  • The Motives of Soldiers in the Civil War from For Cause and Comrades by McPherson

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    letters. McPherson goes on to say “Civil War armies were, arguably, the most religious in American History” . McPherson cites a British Army doctor who specialized in psychiatric casualties during World War II saying “Since History undoubtedly proves that sound religious faith is a strong component in high morale…it is clearly the duty of every officer, whatever his private beliefs, to be seen as a Christian, even if he can only be what I call an’ Army Christian” . This is what really peaked my interest

  • Stereotypes In The Military

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    Machuga studied Russian at Perdue University, and spent all of his spare time in the ROTC program. Enlisting in the Army, he hoped to use his degree, but “instead of being directed into military intelligence out of college, as he had hoped, he wound up being recommended for the infantry. “My colonel thought that would be just hilarious,” Machuga said,

  • Importance of Understanding Civil-Military Relations

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    The Importance of Understanding Civil-Military Relations “Some folks are born made to wave the flag, Ooh, they’re red, white and blue… And when the band plays hail to the chief, Ooh, they point the cannon at you, lord… It aint me, it aint me, I aint no senators son, son… It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, no… Some folks inherit star spangled eyes, Ooh, they send you down to war, lord… And when you ask them, how much should we give? Ooh, they only answer more! More! More! Yoh…

  • The Army : The Socialization Process Of The Army

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    The socialization process for the Army usually occurs when soldiers are sent off to basic training for weeks to be broken down as human beings and then rebuilt the way the Army wants them. In the same way as sociologists view socialization, the purpose of Basic or a Cadet Leader's Course is for the members to develop a sense of their self as a soldier and learn the ways of the society in which they will be serving. The socialization process is different for cadets who are in college. They are not

  • Should Women Be Allowed During Combat Roles During The Armed Forces?

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    In a recent poll posted on titled "Should Women Be Allowed To Serve In Combat Roles In The Armed Forces?" 71% of voters said "yes" while the other 29% said "no." For this dispute "majority rules" is irrelevant, in fact minority rules and the 29% can tally up another vote and argue that no, women should not be allowed to serve in combat roles in the armed forces. Although there have been cases where women find themselves in a surprise firefight and are expected to pick up the weapon to

  • From Corsets and Crocheting to Kevlar and Combat: The Journey of a Female Soldier

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    encounter hostilities and naturally take measures to defend themselves. Conflict arises when those elements, engaging in combat, have female soldiers, which, is thought to be a violation of the United States Military Policy. This policy (taken from Army Regulation (AR) 10-6, 600-3) currently states that females may not engage in direct combat based on several factors ( The current engagements in the Middle East