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  • Supernatural Elements : Supernatural Elements In Arthurian Literature

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    Supernatural Elements in Arthurian Literature A recurring theme that can be found throughout Arthurian literature is the mention of magic, mythical creatures, and other supernatural elements. Arthur’s own birth is a direct result of this. He was conceived after his father had used a potion, with the help of Merlin, to disguise himself as Igraine’s husband before sex. In some legends, there is even an “Otherworld”. The term Otherworld has Celtic origins and is usually described as a separate plane

  • Female Characters In Marie De France And The Wife Of Bath

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    In Lanval, the women characters revealed Marie de France's personal moral convictions and her philosophical autonomy. Different female characters had role in her story such as the mythical fairy women and the queen as she was demonstrated as manipulative and lustful because they used their beauty and status for their personal benefit. Generally, Marie de France’s explained various points such as beauty, love, and manipulation. Similarly, in ‘The Wife of Bath,’ Geoffrey Chaucer illustrates the significance

  • Lay Le Freine

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    hereas a variety of Canterbury Tales tales are inclined to make the nobility aware of the capability of ordinary people and how beauty presents itself in their lives, other medieval popular romances strive to provide a sense of wish fulfillment for a different audience; the powerless. Thomas Chestre’s Sir Launfal in particular appeals to someone who wishes to escape profound social inequality and injustice. Thomas Chestre speaks to his audience by rewriting a better version of the difficult life

  • Essay Arthurian Literature: The Evolution of Merlin

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    Arthurian Literature: The Evolution of Merlin                In all the long history of literature, some fictional characters have loomed above others, written about again and again by various authors of various eras. Arthurian literature is one area of fiction that has always been popular for writers to recreate in new versions, and one of the most intriguing characters of all Arthurian literature is Merlin, the magician/ prophet who aids Arthur early in his reign. As the Arthurian saga develops

  • Women's Roles In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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    Women’s roles throughout history, as well as literature, have been constantly changing throughout the times. In the beginning, women are property and the only function they served was to have children and take care of the men and their households. However, the roles of women changed throughout each passing year. Middle Ages England saw a slight change, and it is reflected in their poetry and literature. This is prevalent in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, where a woman helps to drive the plot of

  • The Story Of The Grail By Chretien De Troyes

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    Over the past month, we read the Story of the Grail by Chretien de Troyes. This poem details the progression of the knight Perceval. In the beginning, Perceval is not called by his name, instead he is referred to as “the youth”. This is an important detail to stress, because the poem is a coming of age story. As the poem progresses, the reader is able to see definitive changes in Perceval’s character. For example, in the beginning of the poem Perceval uses the limited knowledge that was bestowed

  • The Round Table: King Arthur's Feast

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    King Arthur was seen in many different perspectives throughout the stories written about him. Generally, he was seen as a strong powerful leader, but to some he was seen as an unfit heir to the throne. The Round Table; or King Arthur’s Feast, which was written in 1817 tells us about the King’s disappearance; while, King Arthur and King Cornwall written in 1995 shows us how he gains power and is a good leader. In the story The Round Table; Or King Arthur’s Feast shows us how he had disappeared

  • Courtly Love In The Honeysuckle : Chevrefoil By Marie De England

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    Medieval stories did to depict the ideal of courtly love and was having the main character(s) embody them. For example, both courtly love is depicted within the story, “The Honeysuckle: Chevrefoil” by Marie de France. In this story, Tristan, an Arthurian knight, finds himself in love with a Celtic queen, Iseult, who is already married to his uncle, King Mark. Due to rumors of their love, King Mark banishes him from the kingdom. Although, because his love for Iseult is

  • Camelot: A Short Story

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    It was a cloudy dark day in Camelot, when people were coming to congratulate King Pelles and his wife Queen Astrid, because She was pregnant. That night they suddenly heard a crackle and saw lightning. They both ignored it and thought that it was just the dreadful weather that day, so they carried on with what they were doing. The next day, King Pelles woke up bright and early. When he looked to the side, he saw his wife was not next to him. “She must be downstairs then, ” he thought. He went downstairs

  • Malory's Writing 'Le Morte D Arthur'

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    tales in twenty-one books by five hundred seven chapters. After the publication, it became the most well-preserved and influential prose version of the Arthurian legends. Arthurian legends have been already familiar to people so that it made people easier to recognize more about stories of King Arthur. “Le Morte d’Arthur” is a best completion of Arthurian legends and it is the first work of British prose. “Le Morte d’Arthur” which means “The Death