The Round Table: King Arthur's Feast

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King Arthur was seen in many different perspectives throughout the stories written about him. Generally, he was seen as a strong powerful leader, but to some he was seen as an unfit heir to the throne. The Round Table; or King Arthur’s Feast, which was written in 1817 tells us about the King’s disappearance; while, King Arthur and King Cornwall written in 1995 shows us how he gains power and is a good leader. In the story The Round Table; Or King Arthur’s Feast shows us how he had disappeared and was never seen again after the Battle of Camlan. After King Arthur disappearance arose a tradition by Merlin. With Merlin’s magical powers he tried to depict a scene where all the kings and queens who sat on his throne since his death, and giving…show more content…
In the story King Arthur and King Cornwall, it shows and explains how he was able to gain power and form victories by taking control over a magical horse, sword, and a horn. King Arthur now having these magical elements, embedded a contest of honor and prowess between the Knights at the Round Table and Cornwall’s court. With him gaining victory and showing power, it allows people to see that he is a strong leader willing to fight and put forth effort to this people. During 1817 when this story was written several authoritative events had been happening such as: fights against Andrew Jackson, new amendments were added to the Constitution, annexes were set, and new laws were being passed. With such powerful events taking place this author seemed to take them and set into his story. He could have seen the events happening and saw how they were strong, powerful, and how people were starting to notice them and he added those characteristics into King…show more content…
Different writing can show and tell different stories about the same person depending on the time period the when the writing was written in. Throughout the ages writing has became more and more developed, leading to the writing becoming more complex. As years go on it allows writers to make new discoveries about the art of writing, which allows them to expand their horizons making writing better. Both articles King Arthur and King Cornwall and The Round Table; or King Arthur’s Feast is from different eras in time; therefore leaving the stories to have twists on them about King Arthur. Not only can you tell the stories are different by the how they view King Arthur, but it’s by how they are physically written. For example, in The Round Table; or King Arthur’s Feast was written in 1817 meaning the language was older and not as modern, “Old Merlin replied: "By my art it appears, Not in less than three hundred and seventy years; But in the meantime, I am very well able To spread in this island your ancient round table; And to grace it with guests of unparallelled splendour, I'll summon old Pluto forthwith to Surrender All the kings who have sat on your throne, from the day When from Camlann's destruction I snatched you away." (Peacock 11-18). Compared to this quote from King Arthur and King
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