Arturo Di Modica

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    unfold. Is it right for someone to change the meaning of a thing you created, or is it right for you to express yourself by doing so? With that sense, when an artist copyrights their work, is the idea of their work protected under law? In 1989 Arturo Di Modica created Charging Bull amid a economic recession (NY Times). He copyrighted his statue and planted it, illegally, in front of the Wall Street Stock Exchange. It was intended to serve as a symbol of economic stability, the markets would soon become

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    the Charging Bull looks like a girl is fearless when she faces the very fierce cow. So it was very famous and popular (Mccarthy, par.7) for protecting and standing women’s right (Mccarthy, par.12). But the sculptor who made Charging Bull called Arturo Di Modica was very annoyed Fearless

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    woman's statue, the presence of this statue has undoubtedly brought power to feminism. Many people think this is a very important statue. However, not all critics are obsessed with fearless girls. There are also many critics. It also included Arturo Di Modica, the sculptor of the bull. He thought his 1989 work had been hijacked and violated. His lawyers explained that the

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    Specific Heat Lab

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    This experiment is an attempt to determine the specific heat of a metal object. The experiment is conducted by first placing two Styrofoam cups inside each other creating a makeshift calorimeter; then filling said calorimeter with ice water measured at zero ° Celsius. Next, a metal object with a mass of 30 grams or more is heated for five minutes in boiling water. After reaching the proper temperature of 100 ° Celsius, the metal is placed in the water. The water is stirred and the temperature

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