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  • Essay about The Titanic - Depth of the Heart of the Ocean

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    The Titanic - Depth of the Heart of the Ocean "Ahh, open your heart to me, Rose," pleads Caledon Hockley of the young Rose in James Cameron's film, Titanic, just after he gives her a most expensive diamond. The actor Billy Zane plays Hockley as a callous, jaded, been-there-done- that sophisticate who seems to want her heart simply because he believes it is for sale and he has a right to it. His blindness to higher motives in love totally disqualifies him from being worthy

  • Descriptive Essay About The Pool

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    deep end. That being said, everyone follow me to the pool.” The short walk to the pool is a blur to Zane. His mind is elsewhere thinking of all the fun things he’s going to do, I’m gonna make big splashes and race my friends and go to the deep end and do cool things and make big splashes. When the pool finally comes into view, it’s a paradise. An ocean of clear, wavy water covers all the eye can see. Zane can see all the way to the bottom, and if not for the distorting ripples he would believe it to

  • An Artist 's Metamorphosis : Art

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    I would experience when my teacher did not pick my coloring sheet to be put on the wall of my second grade classroom, but I also remember the immense pride I experienced when I discovered that my seahorse sculpture had been picked to be put in the Zane Grey museum in the third grade. I participated in Chalk On the Walk every year. I loved it so much that I even had a chalkboard wall painted in my bedroom. My dad would even lift me up onto his large shoulders so that I could draw on the parts of the

  • Analysis Of The Film Jigsaw

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    In the film JIGSAW, the screenwriters are Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. The directors are Micheal Spiering and Peter Spiering. Its genre falls under crime, horror, mystery, and thriller. The production company is Twisted Pictures. JIGSAW is the eighth film in the SAW franchise it features deadly scenarios with extreme gore, torture, and violence. Each player must follow the rules of the game or there would be consequences such as body parts being sliced to bits, needles injected with poisons

  • Billy Bribbit Character Analysis

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    Secondly, the character Billy Bibbit faces a lot of pressure, as seen with his relationship with his mother, has a hard time fitting in with others due to his stuttering and find challenges in coping with such things. First off, he is unable to meet unrealistic expectations , placed upon him by his mother and enforced by the nurse Miss Ratched. Billy always seems to be in fear every time his mother is brought up, and worries about disappointing her. His mother unfortunately though, is friends with

  • The Children's Crusade: Innocence, Masculinity, and Humanity

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    war everyday, but many are not even fully grown. In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five, he uses some of his own personal experiences to show the realities of war by examples of innocence, masculinity, and humanity through his main character Billy Pilgrim. Billy can supposedly time travel after being kidnapped by aliens from Tralfamadore and uses it to travel to his time in WWII were he experienced the bombing of Dresden and also travels to his past and future where he can visit other moments in his

  • Synopsis of the Movie Young Guns

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    The scene that I will be discussing for this paper is called “He’s a spy” from the movie Young Guns. In this scene, Billy and his gang are confronted by Murphy’s men. With the mise-en-scene, this helps the viewer identify that the time period being portrayed here is the late 1870’s or the early 1880’s. The mise-en-scene being used for this movie is important in telling the story from a different era as in today’s world, no one dresses this way anymore. Also to include from this scene is the lighting

  • Billy Wilder Essay

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    4/13/12 Paper #3: “Library Research” “Billy Wilder” Billy Wilder’s work today remains masterful and memorable. From his skilled screenwriting to his directing, Wilder holds a key position in cinema history. Wilder’s stylistic and thematic elements are recognizable and give off a complex reflection of his American and European cultural influences. I think that Billy Wilder should be considered an “auteur” even if he is not already considered one, for his personal film style and the mere fact

  • Analysis Of The Song ' Africa ' By Toto Essay

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    I addressed earlier go back to much simpler times, but that’s just one perspective of the song as it has been interpreted in many different ways. Now another song that I love, which has similar effects to “Africa” is “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel, which is featured on his album Storm Front. This song,

  • The 's Reflection Of The Ancient Women

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    Queering Vivien’s poem entails finding the elements of imitation, anonymity, and/or appropriation. Two of these elements, anonymity and imitation are clear in Vivien’s reflection of the ancient women on Lesbos in herself. Imitation provides Vivien with a means of growing in sexuality, a gaining of knowledge of the women of Lesbos’s ways. The ancient Lesbians work as a template, but suddenly become the same as the lesbians of Vivien’s time referred to as “our” (18). The result of imitation is growing