Binomial coefficient

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  • Pascal 's Triangle : Special Mathematical Properties

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    triangle has special mathematical properties (relationship with Binomial Theorem, the sum of the numbers in any row of Pascal’s triangle is a power of two, and the number below two entries across from one another is equal to the sum of both numbers in Pascal’s triangle) , then we can demonstrate, possibly even prove, these properties/relationships through examples, algebraic proofs, and combinatorial proofs because each property concerns binomial expansion, combinations, and combinatorics, thus we can use

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arrays

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    Tapering is done fromcenter to end. 19.What is a binomial array? It is an array in which the amplitudes of theantenna elements in the array are arranged according to thecoefficients of the binomial series. 20.What are the advantages of binomial array? Advantage: • No minor lobes Disadvantages: • Increased beam width • Maintaining the large ratio of current amplitude in large

  • Essay on Managrial Economics Project

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    Team 20 | MANAGIRAL ECONOMICS PROJECT 1 | Estimation of the Demand for Combo 1 meals | | Corey Siragusa 106549438 | Yujing Zhang 108672624 | Gary Zhao 108693441 | 11/7/2012 | a) Using the data in Table 1, specify a linear functional form for the demand for Combination 1 meals, and run a regression to estimate the demand for Combo 1 meals. According to the passage, we know that the Quantity of meals sold by Combination (Q) is related to the average price charged (P) and the

  • The Key Engine Of Economic And Social Progress Essay

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    The Software is used in every detail of social life and is becoming the key engine of economic and social progress which affects social and economic development. Nowadays, our live relies more and more on the correct execution of software, whether a software is on our equipment (cell phones, engine injection, etc.), in the business we undertake each day (credit or debit card purchases, fund transfer, internet usage, electronic mail, etc.), or even those that are hidden from view (back office software

  • Pascal 's Triangle And The Triangle

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    triangle that is easy to construct and that gives the coefficients of the expansion of the algebraic expression expression (a + b)n for different integer values of n. Pascal’s Triangle was first discovered by Chinese mathematician, Yang Hui, and rediscovered 500 years later by the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal (1623-62). The Chinese mathematician, Chu Shih Chieh, depicted the triangle and indicated its use in providing coefficients for the binomial expansion of (a + b)n in his 1303 treatise The

  • Triangular Number Of Triangular Numbers

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    Triangular Numbers Eli Nazarian Ms. Ramson H Algebra 2A October 21, 2014 A triangular number is a number that counts the amount of objects that form when they are put together to form an equilateral triangle (a triangle with all equal sides). The most common object used to form a triangle are dots. When the dots create an equilateral triangle, the number of dots seen in the triangle represent the triangular number. Overall, the sequence is generated from a pattern of dots which form a triangle

  • Blaise Pascal Essay

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    Blaise Pascal      Blaise Pascal was born at Clermont, Auvergne, France on June 19, 1628. He was the son of Étienne Pascal, his father, and Antoinette Bégone, his mother who died when Blaise was only four years old. After her death, his only family was his father and his two sisters, Gilberte, and Jacqueline, both of whom played key roles in Pascal's life.      When Blaise was seven he moved from Clermont with his father and sisters to Paris. It

  • Math 116 Essay

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    You wish to approximate a binomial probability by an area under a normal curve. Use the continuity correction to determine which area under the appropriate normal curve will approximate the required probability. 18) The probability of more than 49 correct answers 19) The probability of fewer than 48 democrats For the binomial distribution with the given values for n and p, state whether or not it is suitable to use the

  • , And Each With Its Own Boolean-Valued Outcome: A Random

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    called a Bernoulli trial or Bernoulli experiment and a sequence of outcomes is called a Bernoulli process; for a single trial, i.e., n = 1, the binomial distribution is a Bernoulli distribution. The binomial distribution is the basis for the popular binomial test of statistical significance. Binomial distributions are useful to model events that arise in a binomial experiment. Examples include how many coin flip show heads, how many scratch-off lottery tickets are winners, how many of doctor’s

  • Triola Statistics Test

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    Exam Name___________________________________ Instructions: Read all the questions carefully and show all your work for full credit. All answers must be supported by correct work to receive full credit. SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. Solve the problem. 1) Multiple-choice questions on a test each have 4 possible answers, one of which is correct. Assume that you guess the answers to 4 such questions. a. Use the multiplication rule to