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  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Hot Seat '

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    A former hacker is trapped in his office with his chair wired to explode if he stands up and in order to survive he must hack his way into a computer mainframe to open a vault for an unseen assailant. STORY COMMENTS HOT SEAT is a well written thriller that fully engages the audience. It’s the type of script in which one feels as if they are watching the film. The plot is similar to the concepts used in SPEED and in the film PHONE BOOTH. In this story, the protagonist finds himself trapped in

  • Bomb Recycling Robots

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    With lots of talk revolving around robots in the news, be it from artificial intelligence (AI) driven cars or that they are going to take all our jobs, there is an interesting discussion to be had about it. An article written by the Forrester states that “robots will replace 7% of US jobs by 2025”, it does seem like a large problem, but it is not all bad news. With AI driven cars replacing normal cars on the road and drones taking to the skies, there are many new ways that robots will be able to

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    His hands got sweaty grasping the bomb in his hand, if only he had time. Mathu ran towards the ocean, barely throwing the bomb into the sea before it exploded. He said, “Why did I just make that simple mistake cutting of the red wire and now I'm going to get fired s***.” While he returned to the bomb squad department, he got called into the manager's office, knowing this was the end of his career. There was a significant SLAM on the desk as he opened the door. “You could've risked many innocent lives