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  • Music Scene : Bon Iver

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    something odd. About every other band had one related artist in common: Bon Iver. I scrolled more. "Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver." This guy has wrecked the indie music scene. Bon Iver (who 's real name is Justin Vernon) has clearly left a mark, or even a scar, on the genre. No one is quite like him, yet everyone is inspired by him. Due to his unmatchable voice, deeply layered instrumentals, and breathtakingly visual lyrics, Bon Iver has completely wrecked and rebuilt his style, forcing anyone similar

  • The War Showing No Signs Of Ending, The Watergate Scandal And The Vietnam War

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    Davis Hinshaw Mrs Weide American History II 4 December 2016 The 1980s With the cold war showing no signs of ending, the watergate scandal and the vietnam war it was no surprise that the 1980s were a complete explosion of counterculture and mistrust in the government. The election of former actor Ronald Reagan kickstarted the 1980s with his optimistic ideas he appealed to many americans. He was running against former president Jimmy Carter, Reagan won the election with 51% of electoral vote. He promised

  • I Found Myself at Wrestling Camp Essay

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    Most girls don’t pay money to roll around on the ground with sweaty guys. Yet that is exactly what I did this last July. No, it’s not what you’re thinking; I went to wrestling camp. Wrestling is a sport that I’ve always wanted to try, but my shyness and insecurity held me back. This year I decided that I will no longer allow other people’s opinions affect my own decisions. Joining wrestling is the first major step I’m taking to change my life. “You want to do…wrestling? As in…wrestle?” This is

  • Short Story : ' The Tinker '

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    Jack was hoeing in his mama’s garden and thinking that he’d sure like to have a pretty girl to marry. He was thinking about something the Tinker told him the week before. Now, the Tinker was a traveling peddler who sold pots and pans and spoons and things to people who needed them. The Tinker also fixed things that were broken for farmers and town folks, and that’s how he got his name. The Tinker traveled all around and knew all kinds of people and things. The Tinker was telling Jack, while he was

  • Ac / Dc Essay

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    of their singer, Bon Scott, from alcohol poisoning and hypothermia. This set the future of AC/DC for the rest of their careers. After the death of Bon Scott and within that same year, AC/DC acquired Brian Johnson and made their first album together Back in Black. They released the classic song “Back in Black”, but there are many misheard lyrics in that song. Musically, it makes you think you can conquer the world and nothing could stop you. As a tribute to their late singer, Bon Scott, the band dedicated

  • Pride And Fire Chapter 1 Summary

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    With the force of a tornado fire and smoke pour out of the cardboard box engulfing the entire apartment building in flames. Theodore turns around and watches as the fire eats away at the building killing everyone unlucky enough to live on the second and third floors. The flames reflect off the moon and Theodore's eyes. In the distance the former prince can hear sirens so Theodore runs away from the apartment faster than a rabbit running from a fox. Theodore runs to the restaurant which is now mostly

  • The Seasons and What They Mean in Japanese Culture

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    In Noh there are many things that are significant, and that have deeper meanings. For instance the simple way that they walk, sing, and move all mean something more. While doing the presentations on a Noh play I noticed something beautiful about the play that I had chosen. Spring was mentioned a lot, it had many cameos in the play. In Yuya the entire back story of the play is the discussions of going to see the cherry blossoms. Spring in Japan means a whole lot more than just another season

  • How I Felt Something Change?

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    encourage and enable him. You 're a nut enabler.” In the process, the phone rang. Charlie grabbed it, and we heard him say, “The Rose Club at 8:30. Excellent. Thank you so much.” He hung up and ran back in and started the music. Today it would be Bon Jovi with Jennifer Nettles singing “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” I jumped up and pulled David up with me. While Charlie jumped around the room dancing and singing, I made David jump up and down on the bed and dance with me. Then I jumped off the bed

  • An Explication of 'Prospective Immigrants Please Note' by Adrienne Rich.

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    "Prospective Immigrants Please Note" Adrienne Rich Either you will go through this door or you will not go through. If you go through there is always the risk of remembering your name. Things look at you doubly and you must look back and let them happen. If you do not go through it is possible to live worthily to maintain your attitudes to hold your position to die bravely but much will blind you, much will evade you, at what cost who knows? The door itself makes no promises

  • The Alchemist Quote

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    Some people are successful because they are destined to be such. But most people are more successful because they are determined to reach this goal. We just know what we want and how to achieve it. You would probably have laid out your plans for your life already, and that you would exhaust all efforts just to attain what you desire. But sometimes, we question, how come no matter how hard you try to perfect things the way you planned it, circumstances would not allow it? You start thinking, were