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  • Tides: A Short Story

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    The time had finally come. When the tyrannical kingdom known as the Pacific Alliance invaded the last line of defence, a massive barrier spanning the former Missouri river. Everyone and their geckos knew this was going to eventually happen, Including MUS-CITIZEN-482C. He knew his bland land-fisherman job would start losing customers, and eventually he would be erased somehow. He couldn’t work overtime, because the tide determined his fate. A high neglect for global warming resulted in crazy weather

  • Descriptive Essay On A Midnight Forest

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    I’m laying down in grass and snow, in the middle of Midnight Forest. Judging by the beams of moonlight coming in through the trees, it must be around midnight. I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I have a feeling of uncertainty. “Saige.” I hear a whisper from behind me. I whip around, and my eyes scan what I thought was an empty forest. I shake my head and stand up, snowflakes floating off of my winter coat and skirt. I see my breath in the air, and it mesmerizes me for a second. A big clump

  • Descriptive Essay About Thanksgiving

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    It 's a tradition that my moms side of the family come to my grandmas house for Thanksgiving. The cool air and falling leaves is a sign of fall and Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. I don’t like my cousins very much and I 'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Thanksgiving is not that cheerful for me. Years ago at Thanksgiving, I was not excited for it, just like every other year. My grandmas basement is very much underground and quite dark without the lights on. My cousins were running around

  • Movies Of The 2000's

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    impact different variables such as the budget, popularity, and vote count, have on movies over the past 16 years. Using IBM Watson analytics, we are discovering the trends and relationships between these variables and their effect on movies in the 2000’s. We start out by displaying how the relationship between budget and vote count by year, and its effect on revenue. This report also examines the popularity of the movie industry over the last 16 years by identifying trends in the relationship between

  • Assignment Solution

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    ECON112 Macroeconomics Problem Set 1 *Solution* By Yao Amber Li Fall 2010 (Instructor: Li, Yao; TA: Fok Pik Lin, Astor) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 40 marks total Part I: True/False/Uncertain Please justify your answer with a short argument. (10 marks, 2 marks each) One mark is for correct judgment. One mark is for correct argument. 1. GDP is the value of all goods and services produced

  • Noughts and Crosses

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    NOUGHTS AND CROSSES Teacher’s Pack By Frances Gregory CONTENTS Introduction 3 Overview for Scheme of Work 4 Navigator 5–6 Lesson Plans, WS 7–45 Assessment 46 INTRODUCTION English teachers don’t need to be told the enormous value and pleasure of reading whole texts as class readers. Little compares with that feeling when a class are truly engaged in the reading of a really good book. Those moments stay with you forever – indeed, they fuel the desire to find

  • Reflection Of My Family

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    hands hovering over its silver hardware, frozen in a hesitant stance. He looks entertained, or maybe just distracted. He has what my family calls his “Harry Potter” glasses perched somewhat low on his nose, and true to the late nineties and early 2000s’ common style, his black hair is spiked up. Beside him is me, in a light shirt, wearing the thin headphones that accompanied the CD player in his lap. I look either deep in thought and like I am taking in the music very thoroughly or very uncomfortable

  • Education Inequality In Thailand

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    Although gender and education inequality may be both gradually increasing while shifting up and down throughout the years, the adult literacy rate in Thailand has only been increasing since 2000. In 2015, only about four percent of Thailand’s citizens aged fifteen and over were illiterate. This ends up positively contributing to a wide variety of social improvements, such as lower infant mortality rates and higher education levels for future generations. This is because a parent who went to school

  • 2000 Election Problems

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    elections within the United States have always been an interesting insight into American politics and can often divide the nation depending on which candidate you support. Until the most recent election, many people would cite the Presidential Election of 2000 as one of the most divisive as well as the strangest elections that we have had in modern history. This was due to the infamous hanging chad from the butterfly ballots, disagreements in how to handle the recount between the different branches of Florida’s

  • Stereotypes In The Year 2000

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    handbags, and neckties as necklaces. Flare pants, chunky highlights, rhinestones, and Baby Phat phone cases. Welcome to the year 2000. I bet many of you readers just got flashbacks. I also bet many of you cringed and/or gasped in horror at said flashbacks. It’s not an uncommon reaction. Our own Andrea Klick summed it up when I told her my idea for this column: “2000s style is disgusting!” Indeed, most people would love to forget the aesthetic of this particular decade. The transition from the oft-lauded