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  • By The Waters Of Babylon And By The Waters Of Babylon

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    energetic toddler knocked them to the ground like building blocks. The city looked bland and grim without the bustle of people and the soft glow of the street lights. This is what the future holds, damned by society and its misuse. In “By the Waters of Babylon”, the story is set in a distant future near New York City. After a major disaster wiped out most of the civilization, a tribe started over from scratch. Jon, a priest in training, sets off on a journey east to investigate his dreams and to gain

  • Summary Of The Waters Of Babylon, By The Waters Of Babylon

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    In the story, “By The Waters Of Babylon,” written by Stephen Vincent Benet, a great change occurred from centuries before John’s society. Even though this change happened long before John’s society came about, it still affected the way his society’s culture was. This story expressed great cultural adjustments throughout time. When the Great Burning happened, everything was destroyed and most knowledge was lost along with the city. This caused everything to change when it came time to rebuild the

  • Summary Of 'The Water Of Babylon' By The Waters Of Babylon

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    In modern day society, we revolve our lives around technology with our constant need to have the newest gadgets. Little do we know that this new technology is taking over our world in big ways. In the story, By The Waters Of Babylon, it tells the tale of a young priest who travels to a forbidden place to find out the truth of what happened before the “Great Burning.” The more he explored, the more he uncovered the shocking truth behind the life in the “old days.” This is portrayed by the author,

  • By the Waters of Babylon

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    BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON PLANET OF THE APES COMPARITIVE ESSAY The short story by the waters of Babylon and the movie planet of the apes were both futuristic stories. They also both showed the evil sides of today’s man and the chaos and mass destruction that we are capable of accomplishing. They portrayed today’s man as selfish, violent, and full of hate and rage. By the waters of Babylon was written from the point of view of a boy close to becoming a man who knew nothing

  • Water Of Babylon Sparknotes

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    Introduction: The story “By The Water Of Babylon”, written by Stephen Vincent Benet, has a plethora of aspects of literary elements that depict the story. The following analyzes the story using the seven elements of fiction. Setting: The story takes place around New York, a plethora of generations after a fatal war came around, which desolated civilizations. A reason that contributes to why the author chose NY is because it is an urban place and it has numerous advancements. A tribe inhabited a

  • Theme Of Knowledge In Babylon, By The Waters Of Babylon

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    What is the most important thing to know about knowledge you are given? The answer is simple, the truth. In the story “By the Waters of Babylon” the main character John is on a quest for knowledge. In his civilization the priests are the wisest and most knowledgeable people. John is the son of a priest and wants to become one himself. John is obsessed with finding more knowledge. John says, “My knowledge made me happy--it was like a fire in my heart” (Benet 312). He dreams of going to on a journey

  • Theme Of By The Waters Of Babylon

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    By the Waters of Babylon In the short “By the Waters of Babylon” By Stephen Vincent Benet the protagonist John. The son of an elite priest who travels to the forbidden place of the Gods where no one is allowed to go. The Major theme John’s father introduced was “Truth is a hard deer to Hunt. If you eat too much truth at once, you may die of the truth” (Benet 255). John’s father is telling him not to reveal too much truth because of the fear it will hurt peoples’ faith and will contradict it. In

  • By The Waters Of Babylon Analysis

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    “By the Waters of Babylon” Paper The short story “By the Waters of Babylon” by Stephen Vincent Benet is set in an post-apocalyptic time. It is about a young male named John. He is the son of the priest. While growing up, his father is giving him knowledge about all the things to become a priest like how to search for metal, the ways of the house, chants, and spells. When he gain enough knowledge he was purified. After being purified he went on a journey to the east and across the river to see the

  • Theme Of By The Waters Of Babylon

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    “‘I am not afraid,’ I said and looked at him with both eyes.” (Benét 458) The son told his father before going on his journey. By the Waters of Babylon is a thrilling story that was written by Stephen Vincent Benét about the son of a priest going to forbidden land. The story provides substantial details of the son’s journey and shows how a man when provided with an opportunity and an idea follows his instinct. The theme of this short story is that knowledge is eaten too fast without the thought of

  • Summary Of By The Waters Of Babylon

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    The Truth and Knowledge In “By the Waters of Babylon,” by Stephen Vincent Benét, set in a future following the destruction of industrial civilization, the story is narrated by a young man who is the son of a priest. The priests of John’s people,“the hill people,” are inquisitive people associated with the divine. They are the only ones who can handle metal collected from the home’s “also known as the Dead Places” of long-dead people whom they believe to be god's. Truth and knowledge are displayed