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  • Car Seat Safety

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    children and a former nanny, I have plenty of experience in car seat safety. Even so, it's always best to keep up with the most current info as some things will change as we learn more. Though changes may occur, there are some things that always remain constant with car seat safety. Choose car seats according to age and size An infant cannot ride safely in a booster seat. Likewise, a larger child should not be riding in a rear-facing infant seat. Read the manufacturer labels and follow the advice of

  • Best Car Seat

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    Best Car Seat for your Child One summer in 2016, in Tacoma, Washington, a woman was taking her 5 year old son to school, coming along for the ride was her 2 year old son. While driving the mother lost control of her car and swerved into a tree. The car was totaled and the side where her 2 year old was sitting was completely caved in. Yet amazingly, no one was hurt, and the kids were fine. The 2 year old was saved by their car seat, which absorbed all the impact of the crash. Had that car seat not

  • The Indiana University Health Bloomington Car Seat Program

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    Overview of Program Program Description The Indiana University Health Bloomington Car Seat Program provides free car seat inspections and installations to families in Monroe County, Greene County, and Owen County. This program is a result of a funding partnership between IU Health Bloomington and Automotive Safety Program. The car seat technician does around 300 inspections and installations a year. The program sessions take place from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. on Fridays at the Assisted Medical Transport

  • The Best Dog Seat Covers For Cars And Trucks : Top 10 Reviews

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    Best Dog Seat Covers For Cars and Trucks: Top 10 Reviews In case you are a proud owner of a pet dog, you might be aware of the fact that your dog loves the feeling of going around with you on a car ride often. Even though the car rides for the dogs are simply great, they are prone to leave their traces behind in the terms of foot prints, mud, hairs, dirt and et al which are enough to ruin the seats forever. However, the best way to avoid this kind of menace is by investing into a dog seat covers for

  • Seat Belts In Cars

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    This relates to seat belts in cars because seat belts are used to stop people from being hurtled out of their cars. They do this by abruptly stopping the person when the vehicle either crashes or brakes. Without seat belts, you couldn’t break abruptly without being jerked forward at the same speed in which your vehicle was traveling at. That means that if you had to break abruptly or crashed after traveling at a fast speed, you would be hurtled out of the window. But because seat belts add a net

  • Persuasive Essay On Car Seat Safety

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    Many parents lack education on, or do not fully know, proper car seat use and the consequences of improper car seat safety implementation. Car seat safety is important for children as they face increase risk of injury at certain ages or physical size. The Recommendations According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (n.d.), there are distinct types of car seats that should be used for recommended ages. The recommendations state that parents should also check the seat’s label

  • Best Infant Car Seats

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    difference how methodically parents drive when they have their kids in the car with them. There is usually the danger of them being in the middle of a situation that they have zero control on. So to be able to guarantee that the danger of their child not being injured ought to the vehicle be involved in an accident it is vital that they be put in the best baby car seats probable. However with so many different kinds of car seats now offered for baby's it can prove quite complicated in addition to time

  • Safe Baby Car Seats

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    Choosing safe baby car seats is one of the most important tasks that parents and caregivers have. When driving or operating motor vehicles with infants and children onboard, it is imperative that children are safely secured in baby car seats that have been placed in the vehicle correctly. Car seats are the only tool that your vehicle has to provide protection for your child should your vehicle be involved in an accident. Choose baby car seats that have been tested and meet all current safety requirements

  • Convertible Car Seat Research Paper

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    Pros of Convertible Car Seats One advantage to using these car seats is the price savings you can get over the first couple years of your child's life. These car seats are designed to grow with the child so that you will not have to continue to buy bigger car seats as the baby grows. This is a big cost benefit as you only have to make the first purchase rather than making a number of subsequent purchases. This also saves you the time of having to go out and do the additional shopping every time you

  • Car Seats

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    Importance of car seats After finding out that I was going to be a mother, a wave of emotions came over me. Like many others who have been in this position, after you have a baby everything changes. You are no longer your main concern, it is all about your child, and you have to be the most self-less person. My son’s safety is more important to me than anything else and this is why I am looking at the product of a car seat. A person can never know “too much” when it comes to proper car seat selection