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  • Carolyn Kizer's Bitch: Closing the Doors on the Past Essay

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    The poem “Bitch” by Carolyn Kizer, published in 1984, is one that truly grasps the reader’s attention, beginning with the title itself. The overall tone of this poem intertwines the feelings of sadness and anger and also reveals quite a bit about the speaker’s past. The speaker is referring to her inner self as the “bitch” and her hurt condition is clearly present throughout the poem. She uses words such as “bark, growling, slobbers and whimper” to drive this meaning across to the reader. It is in

  • Carolyn Gregory

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    spectrum of opposing political ideals, climate change is one of the most polarizing and argued points. In an article entitled “Why Some Conservatives Can’t Accept That Climate Change Is Real” by Carolyn Gregoire, we are presented the supposed thought process and biases held by modern conservatives. The author, Carolyn Gregoire, serves as a senior science and health writer at The Huffington Post. Though challenging competency is a common attack used on both sides of the political isle, this piece sidesteps

  • Letter To Carolyn Barkin

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    letter of recommendation for Carolyn Barkin. I have known Carolyn Barkin for over 25 years, during which time I have been able to watch her grow and mature into the woman she is today. As, a wife and then as a single parent she has been able to raise three teenage children even while being a caretaker for her mentally ill father; all while working full-time jobs. While balancing family and career Carolyn has made it all look easy. Based on my experience with Carolyn, I can say without the shadow

  • Who Is Carolyn Keeee?

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    mist enigmatic characters in all of 20th-century children’s literature. Who was she? Who was he? Or more specifically, who were they? Carolyn Keene is more than just an iconic pen name, it also holds a mystery of its own. To define an adequate biographical sketch for Carolyn Keene, one must first consider the genesis of her existence. Edward Stratemeyer is truly Carolyn Keene as far as formal definition is concerned. A popular children’s author and an established household name, Stratemeyer was a tad

  • Carolyn Forche Analysis

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    Carolyn Forche Carolyn Forche, a 66yrs old living poet Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1950, poet, teacher and activist, Born one of seven to czech-american housewife and a tool and die maker, she describe her as “Junjkheap Catholic” perennially drawn to issues of social justice. Forché is known as a political poet, the reason why she is known in that name is because, Forche recalls discovering some photographs from Nazi concentration camp. She started writing at her mother’s encouragement when she

  • The Discipline Of Environmental History

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    Found within various articles and books, the discipline of environmental history permeates the study of nature and humans. By combining a multitude of studies and methodologies, authors explore the aspects of the environment and nature along with human interaction to understand how they commingle, affecting one another. In the following four books and one article, scholars from varying backgrounds approach environmental history in an assortment of methods in order to prove their thesis. Their

  • Carolyn Brown Case Summary

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    drive Martinez Ga 30907. Carolyn Brown (Bmo) was the only person present at the home. Carolyn reported that she is a stay at home mom, while dad works for Tucker Material at a dispatcher/truck driver. SSCM addressed the allegations that were listed in the report. Bmo denied allegations in the report, and provided information she knew about the bruised eye. Carolyn reported the first black eye resulted from him and Logan were playing, and Logan hit him in the eye. Carolyn, reported on the day of the

  • Leaders of the Sports World: Nike

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    Leaders of the Sports World Andrea M. Delvalle Etido Akpan Bus. 508 Strayer University Nike is the leader in sportswear and sporting equipment. It is a public company /major retail that was founded on January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. The company was headquartered in Oregon. It was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight. Philip Knight was a track athlete at the University of Oregon and his track coach, Bill Bowerman, helped him launch his idea. The company’s mission was to bring

  • Analysis Of Carolyn Mackler's Narration

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    Every author’s writing style is different, unique, and can affect the entire plot of the story. Carolyn Mackler uses multiple narrators to convey this story. She narrates the path’s of Zoe, Mia, Gregor, Whitney, and Jake while they experience the ups and downs of high school from freshman orientation to graduation day. Mackler finds a way to keep us on our toes while subliminally linking the five characters lives. For example, Gregor calls Whitney and by her answering the phone her family is spared

  • Texting and Driving Research Paper

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    No State Left Behind: Laws Against Distracted Driving In Idaho and as a Nation The majority of the people in the world don’t intentionally put themselves in dangerous situations, yet tragedies occur every day. Each year a motorcycle hill climbing competition is held in New Plymouth, Idaho called the Big Nasty Hill Climb. On September 19, 2009 my sister’s best friend Lacy Fine set out for a day of fun with her cousin Brittani and her cousin’s boyfriend Carlos to watch the hyped up event. She’s never