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  • The Cannonball Jellyfish : The Cannonball Jellyfish

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    Sierra Barrett Research Paper Kimberly Scubacz Biology 1010 The Cannonball Jellyfish It is a sweltering summer day and you are at the beach with your closest friends and family. It is now time for you to get some relief from the sun and hurdle into the cool, salty water. You stand up on the float that you were floating on, leap into the air, bring your knees towards your chest while wrapping your arms around your now balled up body and shout “CANNONBALL!” at the top of your lungs. As you fall into

  • Oil And Oil : The Harmful Effects On Coral Reefs

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    and observed that the coral that had been exposed to oil had abnormal polyps, bare branches and severe discoloration”(Etnoyer). After the spill, observations were taken and it has become clear that the reefs were damaged. For example, the evidence states the reefs had abnormal polyps, coral polyps are tiny soft bodied organisms that form the structure of coral reefs when they turn abnormal some of the main functions of the polyp shut down as in the ability to eat, leading to death for the coral reefs

  • Write An Essay On Puertarnalis

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    1. Vampyroteuthis infernalis falls under the Mollusca phylum, class Cephalopoda, order Vampyromorphida, and family Vampyroteuthidae. 2. Phylum Mollusca (originating from the Latin word for “soft”) includes organisms such as snails, octopi, squids, clams, and oysters. They are organisms that have soft bodies typically composed of a head and foot region. The dorsal epidermal tissue surrounding the body is called the mantle, and some organisms have specialized glands that secrete excretions that form

  • Adenomatous Polyps Theory

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    Randomized patients, whose colonoscopy revealed the presences of adenomatous polyps, viewed a power point presentation that documented the precancerous nature of adenomatous polyps and associated an increased risk with immediate family members. Additionally, a randomized portion of the adenomatous positive population received a one page personalized letter reinforcing the information contained in the Computer Based Education Program (CBEP). Furthermore, each patient received a follow-up telephone

  • Polyp Research Paper

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    The scientists at this point are unsure which stage came first, and which stage evolved from what. Some believe the Polyp developed first and evolved to the point of producing Medusa. Others believe the Medusa came into existence first and devolved into a Polyp. Both sets of fossils have been found over the years from the same time era, so scientists are unsure. Cnidarians can live in any Marine environment. They can live in freshwater and seawater, but for all groups of Cnidarians very few

  • Difference Between Polyp And Medusa

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    morphological differences between a polyp and medusa and how does the respective morphology affect the ecology of these body forms. I will construct a hypothesis, write down my results, I will have a discussion and there after a conclusion. My hypothesis I that morphological differences between polyp and medusa will give them different ecological roles. Discussion According to (Miller and Harley, 2016, p157) many cnidarians have two body forms, namely polyp and medusa. Polyps are usually sessile, they attach

  • Nasal Polyps Research Paper

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    Are Nasal Polyps: The Signs and Symptoms of Nasal Polyps What Are Nasal Polyps? Nasal polyps sound strange but they are actually fairly common. Nasal polyps are noncancerous, teardrop shaped growths that develop on the inside of your nose and around your sinuses. They are found in areas where the sinuses open up into the nasal cavity. Nasal polyps range in size and resemble peeled, seedless grapes. Nasal polyps are associated with asthma and allergies. People who have smaller polyps typically require

  • Symptoms Of Polyps Research Paper

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    Symptoms of polyps in uteru In the nose: chronic difficulty in breathing through the nose. In the colon: Bleeding or a mucous drainage from the rectum are common symptoms. In the bladder: Blood in the urine. In the cervix: A heavy watery, bloody, discharge from the vagina. Bleeding may occur after intercourse, between periods, and after menopause. CAUSES Polyps (polyposis) are growths of various sizes, and are especially found in certain portions of the mucous membranes: the nose, large intestine

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of The Vocal Fold Polyps

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    Introduction Vocal fold polyps are common in the general population. They affect the vibratory vocal fold function resulting in significant dysphonia which are often surgically correctable. They are confined to the superficial lamina propria (SLP) of the vocal folds . Nowadays , phonomicrosurgery is the most common treatment of vocal fold polyps , and became a new standard of care to remove pathology in these cases without scar formation . The term phonomicrosurgery was introduced

  • Testing Based Fecal Occult Blood Test Sensitivity And Specificity

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    stool because the blood vessels on the surface of colorectal cancer and/or colorectal polyps have fragile blood vessels that are easily damaged when feces pass through the large bowel (A guide to FOBT, n.d.). A small amount of blood from the fragile colorectal polyps and cancer vessels merge with the stool (A guide to FOBT, n.d.). The small amount of blood that is combined with the stool from the colorectal polyps and cancer vessels is not visibly noticeable in the stool (A guide to FOBT, n.d.). Consequently