Cellphone overage charges

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    For example, AT&T gives you a charge of fifteen dollars for use monthly. AT&T also has administrative fees added to your account every month. They claim it helps in maintaining their website and cell phone reception towers. T-Mobile tells you exactly how much you are expected to pay in a plan and does not have any hidden costs. Some carriers charge overage fees once a consumer goes over the amount of data covered in their plan. T-Mobile does not have any overage charges, instead they have free talk

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    What form of communication technology is forcing people to engage with each other in less face to face situations? According to CNN in August of 2012, “The number of text messages sent monthly in the U.S. exploded from 14 billion in 2000 to 188 billion in 2010”. Texting with the use of technology is what started fewer phone calls that some people still remember doing. Text messaging is ruining us in multiple ways, loss in entertainment, less social activity and loss of interpersonal skills. The

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    Before we introduce the cellphones service provider, let’s start off with a few facts and recommendations: 1. It is highly recommended for students to be part of family plans! You share a certain amount of data, text messages, and call hours with a group of people, usually around 3 to 6 people. a. Some of the pros of family plans are: i. It is definitely cheaper. ii. You have a leader who will remind you when to pay the bills. How convenient is that?! That is, if you choose a good leader. And if

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