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  • Analysis Of The Film ' New York '

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    Aseem quite vividly describes the first time he heard about the film and how he came to be the cinematographer for it. He elaborates, “I had just come back from New York after shooting the film ‘New York’ and Irrfan called me and said there’s a film called Paan Singh Tomar. I hadn’t ever heard about him at the time. I had heard of Milkha Singh and other famous athletes and Phoolan Devi, Man Singh and other notorious bandits but not Paan Singh Tomar. Irrfan said there is a film, my friend is directing

  • Essay about Ethnography

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    When I was a kid my parents always took me to Nathdwara to take the blessings of Lord Krishna every now and then because my parents are so religious. So by going there several times I am also attached to that place. Actually Nathdwara is situated in Rajasthan state and I live in the state called Gujarat and in the city called as Ahmedabad. It takes six hours drive from my city to Nathdwara and this is the only nearest place where I could get mental peace. This is very important place for me and my

  • Reservoir and Sedimentation Assessment

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    lost their economical use. Over 500 dams have been removed from US riverine systems since 2000 and 51 alone in 2013 (American Rivers, 2013). Each dam considered for removal requires a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best possible objectives and plan for removal. Many social, ecological, and economical factors become part of the overall proposal. The fragmented rivers divide many biotic communities and restrict migration for different species and organisms. Many ecosystems suffer from poor

  • Protecting Floodplains by Aaron Dante Mamiit

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    anyway? One of the reasons why Metro Manila constantly battles with the flood problem is because a large part of it is situated on a floodplain. What are floodplains? Floodplains are landscapes that are formed when running water, often in streams and rivers, transports eroded rock and other similar materials from their banks to a lower part of the Earth’s surface. At these lower parts, the flow of water slows down, and the rock and materials that the water is carrying are dropped. This leads to the

  • Ecological Restoration At This Site Essay

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    Late stage shrubsThis site is located on Gunn Road on the outskirts of Matamata, Waikato. A tributary of the Waitoa River flows through the middle of the site. The majority of the site has wet soils, and in winter some areas can be prone to flooding, particularly nearer to the stream. Regardless the ground tends to be boggy, particularly in winter. Consequently, this was historically conifer forest or swaps (Waikato Regional Council, n.d.-b). Currently, willow, grass and blackberry dominate the majority

  • The Effects Of Water On The Water Of Water Essay

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    waste from the industries. Dams have built to generate electricity for cities, but it also blocks the water flow of the rivers. For example, the dam that was built in West Africa in the Volta River blocked the river’s annual flows of up to 4 times (Middleton, 2012). Additionally, Industries sometimes do not store their chemical substances carefully and it might drip into the river, whereas some industries directly eject the used chemical straight into the waterbodies. For example, the Taiwanese government

  • The Long Profile Of A River

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    be investigating the changes along the long profile of a river. In order to do this, I will be collecting data and making observations at three different points along the river; the upper course, the middle course, and the lower course. The river which I will be conducting my observations would be on Bartley Water. Bartley Water is a river going through the New Forest which is located in the south of the UK, Hampshire. The source of the river begins from Bartley, 109m above sea level, and joins to

  • I Read Is Hatchet Book Report

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    Hatchet Book Report The book I read is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. It is about a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian. This story takes place in the Canadian wilderness without a specified time. I think this book is both interesting and helpful because of its contents. To summarize the story, Brain was the sole passenger on the tiny Cessna 406 bush plane. He was flying from the U.S. to Canada to spend summer break with his father after his parents divorced. The pilot has a heart attack and the plane

  • A Precious Resource : The Need For Clean Water Essay

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    the pollutants? Dirt, Bacteria, Nutrients. Dirt Yeah. Dirt, it was listed as the main cause of water pollution to our rivers and streams. When dirt washes into our streams and rivers it kills any fish eggs clinging to the rocks, also it can clog up the gills of fish which kills them. Another bad thing is that the dirt stops sunlight getting to the plants in the streams or river which stops them being able to photosynthesise which kills them. How does the dirt get into the streams. Well one of the

  • All the Basics There Are to Know about Rivers Essay

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    Rivers constitute a major natural phenomena found on the surface of the earth. They have unique patterns and systems that perfectly fit in the geographical grid. One can establish the facts behind the formation of rivers and the important part they play in the ecosystem by carefully studying their features. However, the topic needs more research to know the reasons behind the uniqueness portrayed by each river. As the river flows, it cuts rocks which it carries them down its course and grinds them