College Station Area Is The Huge Inconvenience Of The People Who Live There Essay

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One of the more dominant problems within the Bryan, College Station area, is the extensive amount of flooding that takes place every year. Whenever it rains, the town and a large number of major areas gets engulfed by uncontrollable amounts of water. The streets and roadways get backed up with so much excess water that they must close off certain parts of town to ensure the safety of the people who live there. Flooding in Bryan, College Station is an enormous inconvenience to the people who live there. This issue can be solved by simply collecting more tax money, fixing the drainage system, and by coming up with procedures or regulations for future constructions, so people can build their new establishments on higher grounds. It has been stated by the Weather Channel that, “In June of 2016, the Brazos River crested just over 4 feet above its previous record flood stage at Richmond, Texas” (Tom Moore). Beings that Collage Station is located in a Bryan Valley, the area is mostly flat terrain with occasional hills and slow absorbing soil, packed with large amounts of establishments that can easily become prone to flooding. During the times of intense rain, the water builds up and exceeds the limit for drainage in the area. Bridges, roads, walkways, and parking lots, get engulfed with the water, making it impossible to get through. Highway 6, near College Station, is one of the major roads that people use to commute from place to place, and to get home, when it closed down to
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