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  • Is Child Obesity Child Abuse?

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    Is Child Obesity Child Abuse? The rate of childhood obesity has become a progressive problem. According to A. Jansen, Mulkens, and E. Jansen (2011), neuroscience professors, “In the United States, about 17% of all children and adolescents are overweight, where as an additional 16.5% are at the risk of becoming overweight” (p. 501). Child obesity has increased drastically in the last few years. A person is considered obese if they posses an abnormally large amount of body fat. Lawyer Sciarani (2010)

  • Speech On Child Obesity

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    at a very young age. Child obesity is increasing terribly in India. It is hard to believe as in the same country you find thousands of homeless children who are deprived of food, nutrition and essential facilities. Many factors are linked with child obesity in India, especially it is identified that kids who belong to the upper middle class and wealthy family fall prey to obesity. Heredity, biological factors, eating habits, etc. are all some of the causes for child obesity. In common, when you

  • The Epidemic Of Child Obesity

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    This epidemic is child obesity. We spend millions of dollars each year trying to help or prevent the onset of obesity. Some of the reasons are due to our youth consuming more processed foods and not being physically active. However, we as a society cannot just blame the laziness and not eating the correct types of foods as the cause for obesity. This problem is more complex than people think and we can fix it, but we do need government cooperation. There are many causes of obesity some of which are

  • The Child Obesity Epidemic

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    Have we all question ourselves what is childhood obesity? Well today about one in three children in America are overweight or obese, which has tripled since 1963. The American Heart Association, comments that among the children today, obesity has been causing a reach of health problem that was only seen in adulthood. Obesity not only affects children appearance or the fit of their clothing. The people that are obese most likely will have health problems such as joint problem, sleep apnea, and asthma

  • Childhood Obesity - Child Obesity Crisis

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    Child Obesity Crisis in America In America, the way society views overweight adults are viewed as inferior and disgusting, but it does not stop there, children who are also overweight experience the same reactions, as those in adulthood. Childhood obesity has been on the rise, as the generation continues to grow, more children have suffered from childhood obesity which have led to future health problems in adulthood, therefore creating an epidemic. The advances in technology numb the instinct of

  • Child Obesity Effects

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    consequences of prolonged screen time negatively affect children's behavior, social, and the well-being of a child. Child obesity is drastically increasing in the United States and it’s a major health concern for parents. Children are relying much on digital entertainment for most of their play and acquiring less physical activity. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “the average child spends upwards of seven hours watching television, browsing the internet and playing video games each day”

  • Child Obesity Paper

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    Obesity is a huge epidemic in America, as more alarming statistics begin to emerge - including estimates that 30% of all adults and as many as one-third of all children in the US are obese. About one in five children in the United States is now overweight! (Child Obesity Facts, 1999, para.2) Childhood obesity has lasting psychological effects, due to parental knowledge, lack of physical activities, and food advertisement; which has made obesity become a major health issue in many young children's

  • Child Obesity And Its Factors

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    Child Obesity and its Factors Lethuy Nguyen University of Texas at Arlington Dr. Myers Fall 2014 Abstract Ever since the 1980’s, the prevalence of obesity in U.S. children has tripled; meaning about 1 in 6 children today are obese. Obesity is defined as a body mass index greater than the 95 percentile for the sex and age. As obesity rates are growing, adults are dying everyday due to the complications of obesity, so it is important to be educated on the risks and factors. People believe

  • Persuasive Essay On Child Obesity

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    America’s worst fear child obesity, child obesity is a condition in which a child is significantly overweight for his or her age and height. Child obesity is all around the United States, from race and other backgrounds every child could suffer from obesity, if no one helps prevent child obesity these children will most likely become obese as adults. There is no true reason why children are obese but ( Dr. Robin Drucker, a pediatrician from Palo Alto Medical Foundation, “reports that researchers

  • Childhood Obesity And Child Malnutrition

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    Childhood obesity in America and child malnutrition in Africa seem like two problems worlds apart, the reality is that is far from the truth. Whether a child suffers from obesity or a child suffers from malnutrition from under eating, they are both problems that have to be addressed. There are several similarities and differences between childhood obesity in America and child malnutrition in Africa. First, there are many differences and similarities in childhood obesity in America and child malnutrition