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  • Peaceful Resistance Movement Essay

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    In the early summer of 1942, a gathering of young fellows — including Willi Graf, Christoph Probst and Hans Schol shaped an a peaceful resistance amass in Nazi Germany, comprising of various understudies from the College of Munich and their reasoning educator. The gathering got to be distinctly known for a mysterious pamphlet crusade, enduring from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for dynamic resistance to the Nazis administration. The gathering co-created six hostile to Nazi Third Reich

  • The White Rose: Moral Courage

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    take them into consideration and learn from them. In Nazi, Germany during World War II in 1942 a group including Willi Graf, Alexander Schmorell, Kurt Huber Christoph Probst, Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie Scholl formed a non-violent resistance group that made leaflets. The group was influenced by a young German youth group that Chrisoph Probst was a member of. Hans Scholl was a member of the Hitler Youth until 1936 and Sophie was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel. Willi Graf was a member of Neudeutschland

  • Summary Of Sophie Scholl And The White Rose

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    The book “Sophie Scholl and the White Rose” by Annette Dumbach is a book about resistance, Nazism and the path to freedom under Hitler’s rein. In this story the main characters Sophie and Hans Scholl play a part in the path towards resistance during Hitler’s power. Sophie and her brother both start as being fans of Nazism and Hitler’s rein. “Hans was an active Hitler Youth leader- all the children had been members of the movement- the most disturbing aspect of their lives had been the conflicts this

  • Essay On White Rose Resistance

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    While Hitler kept Jews in the concentration camps, there were some Jewish and non-Jewish people that tried and stop this brutality or help the Jews. They knew what hitler was doing with the Jews and his plans.They tried to do something to try and help the people. Some of them where The White Rose society, Rose Blanche, and Resistances in the ghettos. The white rose society were some of the first ones to start this revolt against hitler. Alexander Schmorell and Hans Scholl , both of whom were studying

  • Why Is Sophie Sholl Considered A Hero

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    Research Question: To what extent can Sophie Scholl be considered one of the most ‘popular heroes’ in Germany today due to her actions during World War 2?   Table of Contents • Introduction • Literature Review • Discussion/Processing of findings • Conclusion • Reflection • Reference list • Appendix A 1. Rough drafts 2. Plagiarism declaration 3. Rough Sources   Introduction Aim: To determine whether or not Sophie Scholl could be considered a popular hero due to her ethics and beliefs and how they

  • Analysis Of The Film Sophie Scholl

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    The film Sophie Scholl reflects the repetition of the concept of the “Hero from across the sea”. One of Northrop Frye's lessons on biblical stories, he explores in detail what “the hero from across the sea” means. This theory consists of a wasteland that is ruled by the impotent old king, whose land is being destroyed by a sea monster whose only goal is to demand human sacrifice. In this story, the king's daughter “the princess tied to a rock” is chosen as a sacrifice to the sea monster, but luckily

  • Essay Starting A Spark

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    Starting a Spark “Having courage isn’t the same as having no fear. It’s being afraid and pushing forward anyway.” Although spoken by a fictional character, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from Dreamworks Dragons, this quote holds a very real truth. This truth is especially evident in the lives of siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, founders of a peaceful anti-Nazi group in Germany called The White Rose. After realizing the errors of Hitler’s ways, they started writing anonymous leaflets to expose him

  • Analysis of the Movie Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Taratino

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    As time goes on, history has a way of getting distorted from its most truthful form. Time causes people to drift away from accuracy and become more interested in what they want to remember. Hollywood has a reputation of creating films that cater more to the average viewer, rather than the history buff. Inglorious Basterds, by Quentin Taratino, take very liberal liberty with a history story, and creates a story that will sell to the crowd. This may seem dubious, but it is often not such a bad thing

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' I Like The Way You Die '

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    “I like the way you die, boy” Django said to Big John Brittle as John is shot to death by Django, an African-American free slave. That scene felt very satisfying especially since Big John Brittle was about to whip a little poor slave girl. Hitler in Inglourious Basterds was killed by a Jewish solider who got the opportunity to shoot Hitler multiple times in the torso and face; this Jewish solider had a look of vengeance in his eyes as he shot him. Notice how both these films have a feel good story

  • Film Analysis Of Inglorious Basterds

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    historically inaccurate movie that uses war and Nazis as a backdrop to tell a narrative of evil being subjective. The most important character in this movie is Hans Landa portrayed by actor Christoph Waltz. The character Hans Landa perfectly portrays how evil can be subjective, speaking to slash film Christoph Waltz explained the character by saying “I don’t think these swastikas are so important to him. It’s not so much ego-driven, it’s just a very thorough understanding of how the world works.