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    MBA Program Case Assignment Course Title: - Statistical Decision Theory Instructor’s Name: - Dr. Yitibarek T. Submitted by: - 1. Leul Wondemeneh GSR/2024/06 Submission Date: - December 06, 2013 CASE TITLE: BROCKWAY AND COATES Given – Part A 1. Sales forecast – (at $ 30 retail price with the assumption of $15 whole sale price) a. 400,000 copies – 40% chance; b. 1,000,000 copies – 30% chance; c. 100,000 copies – 30% chance; 2. Flat deal with Senator Murphy a. $ 500

  • Analysis By Karen Coates

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    Karen Coates really exploits the relationship between corporations and garment manufactures in her article. It really opens people’s eyes, it shows people who may not know, they could be wearing clothes that was made with the hands of a struggling worker. In her essay she shows us the values of the four social actors. One of them being the workers. The workers are the most abused. They have little to no say in what they do, they are controlled and tormented every single day for a little days pay

  • Discuss the feeling of displacement in Islandman. Essay

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    Discuss the feeling of displacement in Islandman. DISCUSS THE FEELING OF DISPLACEMENT IN ISLANDMAN.COMPARE AND CONTRAST WITH ONE OTHER POEM OF YOUR CHOICE. Island Man is by Grace Nichols. It is about a man who originates from the Caribbean but still dreams of his homeland, and wakes up to the sound of the sea on the sand and the caw of wild birds. He now lives in London and faces the reality of the North Circular and the monotony of Britain. The poem of my choice is Search for my Tongue

  • The Case For Reparations By Neicidalisi Coates

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    inability came from housing market exploitation, where people in search of the American Dream were manipulated into contracts that they could not even understand. Coates argues the necessity of reparations to the black population for the long history of their oppression in the United States of America. “Two hundred fifty years of slavery.

  • John Coates Personal Responsibility

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    Continuing with the idea of school as a means of perpetuated racism Coates discusses the idea of “personal responsibility” that is often thrust onto black boys at a very young age. School for young black children is used as a means of justification in their destruction as Coates puts it. Coates goes on to elaborate that the boys who fail in school are told that they should have stayed in school so society can then do away with any blame and transfer it over to black boys. Therefore, making their

  • Coates The Case For Reparation Analysis

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    Ta-Nehisi Coates, writer of “The Case for Reparation” argues the same in his piece. He states on the idea of how the government should be responsible for the discrimination against African Americans. Since they were held to be less than whites, Coates states how those African Americans who want to chase the American dream should be backed by the government, in other words, whites

  • Coates 'Black History Month'

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    Pages 26-50 1. Coates has a somewhat chilling description of schools. What are some of the phrases he uses to describe them? “To be educated in Baltimore mean packing two pencil and working quietly. Educated children walked in a single file on the right side of the hallway”( Coates, p 25). “I was a curious boy, but the schools were not concerned with curiosity” (Coates, p 26). I sensed the schools were hiding something, drugging us with false morality so that we would not see, so that we

  • The Case For Reparations By George Coates Essay

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    In “The case for reparations,” Coates argues that African Americans have been taken advantage of for centuries. During this time the government took their labor, civil rights, and basic human rights too far. He argues that they were also robbed of equal treatment even after desegregation. Coates blames the government and says they are responsible for compensation of generations of Americans being discriminated against. Especially with discrimination still occurring in places such as the school system

  • Existentialism In Coates Between The World And Me

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    Candide, Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. Although all three texts span dramatically different time periods, the themes of existentialism and free will remain consistent in opposition to the despair and pessimism that life ultimately imposes on us all. According to The Second Sex and Candide, we must work towards our happiness and fundamentally seek it out on our own, while Coates claims in

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates The Case For Reparations

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    In the Atlantic article by Ta-Nehisi Coates titled “The Case for Reparations, Coates argues that the reason why the United States was able to grow and acquire most of its wealth can be directly tied to the enormous losses people of the African-American community have suffered since the use of slave labor in America. Historically, African-Americans have always been discriminated against. Even today, African-Americans continue to be excluded from the system, while the nation, primarily non-blacks,