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  • Free Speech Essay

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    All aspects of internet filters will be discussed including who chooses to use filtering software, why these groups use filters, how an internet content filter works, and the pro’s and con’s of implementing the use of filtering software. There are many different groups that choose to implement internet filtering software on computers that they own. Among these groups are libraries, schools, employers, and parents. In December of 2000, the United States

  • Essay on Filters Are Needed to Protect Children From the Internet

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    obscene material on the Internet and wanted to make sure that kids did not have access to "indecent" or "patently offensive" material.  The penalty for this was to be two years of imprisonment and $250,000 fines ("Internet Filtering Software").  The response to the CDA was not liberating. In 1997, The American Civil Liberties Union, a liberal public interest group challenged the CDA, because they claimed that the law's language was vague and would cause unneeded and unconstitutional

  • Censorship, A Modern Plague On Society

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    censorship is one with sites deemed as pornographic. Parents reasonably do not want their children to view this content. As a preventative measure, censors believe that such sites should not be viewed by anyone on the internet. Instead of banning every website that contains content to be even slightly offensive, society must research better preventative measures to halt the viewing of such content by specific audiences. This will allow for the viewing of these sites for appropriate audiences. “Congress

  • Censorship Is Not Limited Repressive Regimes Or Network Television?

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    any inappropriate content from the computers being used by minors. Since the law has been put in place, schools across America have installed programs that use keywords to designate certain types of websites off-limits to students while using the schools internet server. The problem with these filtering programs is that they block many sites that are not pornographic or obscene in nature, Instead they tend to block sites dealing with controversial but not inappropriate content. Although the CIPA

  • Social Network Has Negative Effects On Children 's Lives

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    access an abundance of information as there are more than 800,000,000 million websites in the world. An abundant information that people intend to know can be found on these websites. The Internet has collected everything together without separating content. Adult websites are free and easy to access and some of the adult websites do not require a user to verify age before access. In fact, every year tens of millions of new users use fake information about birth date, age, and gender when they register

  • Internet Censorship Essay example

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    system is an ISP-level filter for all houses based on the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) “blacklist” of Refused Classification (RC) websites. Another one is a series of grants to encourage ISPs to offer a filter for additional content, such as X-rated pornography and gambling sites (Levin J, 2010). The RC material being caught in the filter may contain the information on topics which adults and even children may simply want to engage in some debate such as euthanasia, safe injecting

  • Internet Censorship & Libraries Essay

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    limit access to the Internet by censoring or blocking out undesirable information, and thus going against the right of free speech. On July 2, 1997 the American Library Association (ALA) adopted a resolution affirming that "the use of filtering software by libraries to block access to constitutionally protected speech violated the Library Bill of Rights." An earlier statment by the ALA titled "Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks" in January of 1996 stated "users should not

  • Essay on The Efforts to Regulate the Internet

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    discuss the situations that have raised the need for the Internet regulations, and in particular, Internet content censorship. Then, it shall review the regulatory efforts worldwide, with respect to the local cultures and governmental systems. Also, technological tools for regulating the Internet contents shall be presented. The ethical discussion shall focus on the right to regulate the Internet content, in light of the implications this restriction may have on the

  • Off the Leash: Censoring the Internet Essay

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    Did you check your Facebook today? How about your E-Mail? If not, you may be missing something even now! In today’s fast-paced world of instant information, if you aren’t on the internet, you’re almost certainly uninformed. Networks and the internet make up an alarmingly large part of our life. We get our news (both personal and public) via the internet, we talk to friends, shop for things, pay our bills… but how vast is the monster that does all of this? This question, along with many others, is

  • Essay about The Fight Against Child Pornography

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    problem concerning pornography this issue is not deciding on appropriate means of regulation, but rather how to enforce the regulation already in place.   It is obvious that for years, the government has been trying to regulate this type of content but has seen very limited success. Part of the reason for this is because certain regulatory actions intended to protect only a small group, such as children, should not require the prohibition of material that adults have access to in other arenas