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  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    Once upon a time, long ago, there was a boy named Jack. He lived with his mother on an old farm and was extremely poor. One day, Jack couldn’t fall asleep, so he asked his mother, “How did we end up so poor?” His mother sighed and answered. “We were incredibly rich when you’re father was alive. When he died, we lost all our money.” Jack realized this was an opportunity to learn more about his father. Ordinarily, Jack’s mother refused to talk about his father. “How did he die?” Jack

  • The Star Of The Lacrosse Team-

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    not pinpoint what exactly it was, maybe it was just the fact that he had never broken curfew before, but something was not right. Ethan stopped at a fork in the path and listened for a moment, that was when he heard something brushing against the cornstalks to his right, he knew that the quickest way home was to turn right, but he decided that he would take the long way to avoid going closer to the noise. They went left and Ethan’s uneasy feeling subsided for awhile, but then he heard it again. It

  • Analysis Of Sophistication By Sherwood Anderson And Running Out Of Music

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    Both “Sophistication” by Sherwood Anderson and “Running out of Music” by Constant Squires use symbols, conflict and character development to represent the complexity of connection. The corn field that George Willard views and the time that Nately gives Lucinda music symbolize the fulfillment that results from being able to depend on others. George Willard takes Helen White and wanders out into the countryside. Together and in silence,“They went along a path past a field of corn that had not yet

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    It was the spring of 2005, everything was starting anew after a long winter. Chad’s life was also somewhat starting anew. He moved to a small town called Lakeford with his grandma because his mom couldn’t afford to take care of him. Part of Chad resented his mother, for he didn’t like the atmosphere of his grandma’s small town he was forced into. Chad did understand though that his mother loved him. The other part of Chad decided he would go into this new situation with a positive attitude and make

  • Personal Narrative : Halloween : The Ghost Story Of Halloween

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    Lauron Chaney 1 odd Mr. Yoder Ghost Story Halloween. As a kid you see it as a chance to play dress up and a game of who got the most candy. As a teen, you see it as a game of who can host the best party, find the scariest people, or find the scariest places. Lucky for me, I won the unspoken teen game, all on Halloween night. It was around 7:00 when I began prepping for my annual Halloween party. It was just like the parties in the movies you watched as a child. It had loud music, dancing, and

  • Descriptive Essay About Ballengee

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    When the hour brings stillness, even in the midst of confusion, I think that allot of us, if not all, has a private sanctuary hidden within our conscious being. Nothing complex or difficult to reach just a state which we can readily retreat to and sort out our experiences of life. Perhaps for most it is an unnamed region that we find ourselves when deep in thought. It may be the product of meditation or contemplation or imagination or whatever four or five syllable words you may choose. But it

  • Examples Of My Roots

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    My Roots: I am a Corn Stalk I am a corn stalk. Now, I bet you are wondering why I would compare myself to something as bizarre as a field crop, but I have my reasons. No, not just because I am watered and feed as needed, receive sunlight by playing and working outside, and am fertilized with the rich nourishment of wisdom that my parents and grandparents provide. And I may be tall (5’9”, to be exact), but that is not where the comparisons end; there are many more similarities. Similar to corn, my

  • Bridge Erosion

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    As we know the most dangerous disaster of bridge which was on December 15, 1967 at around 5 p.m., the U.S. Expressway 35 Bridge interfacing Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Kanauga, Ohio all of a sudden gave way into the Ohio River. At the season of disappointment, thirty-seven vehicles were intersection the Bridge range, and thirty-one of those autos fell with the Bridge. Forty-six people died with the clasping of the Bridge and nine were truly harmed. Alongside the various fatalities and wounds

  • The Brooklyn Atlantis Citizen Science Project

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    have conducted research at two different research groups. One of the research groups was the BioMechanics Laboratory at NYU Abu Dhabi. During my sophomore summer, I developed a proof of concept prototype used to measure the flexural rigidity of cornstalk at that group. Professor Douglas Cook was my faculty mentor while Daniel Robertson was my post-doc supervisor during that time. The other research group where I am still working at is the Dynamical Systems Laboratory at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

  • Creative Writing: Boyden Lane

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    Walking down 7 Boyden Lane, I feel the unevenness of sidewalk. Each step is different from the last. Trying to avoid twisting my ankle from one of the cracks, that is filled with rustic green grass. As I keep walking, I hear my foot slowly step down on a leaf. Making the sound of a potato chip being eaten. Advancing forward, I soon come to a new street, surrounded by massive trees that hover over me. Enabling me to only detect little specs of the clear blue sky up above. The smell of cow manure reminiscing