The Star Of The Lacrosse Team-

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One night, towards the end of November, three teenagers were out past their town 's curfew. The teenagers knew that if they were caught, they would be in more trouble than they had ever been in before. These three teenagers were the oddest group of friends, Ethan was the goody-two-shoes of the group- always following the rules, he was a skinny kid standing about six feet tall but there was not one ounce of muscle on his body; Jackson was the star of the lacrosse team- he never paid attention to what anyone told him, especially adults, he was only about 5’10”, but built of pure muscle; and then there was Brooke- she did not know much about anything and she did whatever her boyfriend Jackson told her to, she was blonde and strikingly…show more content…
He could not pinpoint what exactly it was, maybe it was just the fact that he had never broken curfew before, but something was not right. Ethan stopped at a fork in the path and listened for a moment, that was when he heard something brushing against the cornstalks to his right, he knew that the quickest way home was to turn right, but he decided that he would take the long way to avoid going closer to the noise. They went left and Ethan’s uneasy feeling subsided for awhile, but then he heard it again. It was the same sound from earlier but this time it was coming from behind them. It was as if something or someone was following them. “Jackson?” Ethan’s whisper was barely audible to himself but a hand reached out of the fog and took his. “I am right here man, what’s wrong?” “Do you hear that noise, there is something scratching against the cornstalks?” “Dude that’s Brooke, she cannot keep up with us.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I will grab her right no--” That was when the bloodcurdling screams started. “Brooke, Brooke?” Jackson knew that the screams were coming from his girlfriend, so he took off in the opposite direction of Ethan’s house. Leaving Ethan completely alone in the middle of his corn field. Ethan knew that Jackson was going to get lost, but he also knew that following Jackson into the maze would definitely lead to trouble. After deliberating and fighting against every logical thought he had ever had, he made the
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