Davis Wasgatt Clark

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    It is common for a child to be asked: “what do you want to be when you get older?” For me, the answer has always been the same. Growing up I became fascinated with medicine, and I knew that I would have a career in medicine. My fascination began when my parents gave me a toy telephone that said, “Thank you for calling Dr. Johnson’s office, how may I help you?” and from that point on my fascination slowly began to grow into reality. By me pursuing a career in medicine, it will not only allow me

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    journey at Clark Atlanta University in the Business School. I meet a wonderful teacher named Dr. Kimbro who inspired me to chase my dream. I initially chose Clark Atlanta because I just wanted to be in Atlanta, which was good for a music career. You may ask, why did chose to go into business instead of the mass media program. Well I chose this because, I needed to know how to own a stable business and how to run this company best for you. I later enrolled in the Mass Media program at Clark Atlanta

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