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  • Jesse, By Robert Ford

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    Jesse was born on September 5, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri. He lived all the way up to April 3, 1882. He was assassinated by Robert Ford. Robert Ford shot Jesse in the back of the head while he was turned around to fix a picture on the wall. Robert Ford was one of the members in the gang. Jesse lived to be a bank robber best known as the leading member of the James-Younger gang of outlaws. He and his brother Frank served in the Confederate Army. They were both 16 when they became Confederate guerrilla

  • Jesse Conspiracy Theory

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    house for $14 a month and Jesse went by the name Tom Howard. Jesse was an outlaw at heart and it was time for another heist. So in 1882, Jesse called up a couple of friends, Robert and Charles Ford, to assist him in the robbing of the Platte City Bank in St. Louis. The two men came over to the James house

  • Self Respect In The Assassination Of Jesse James

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    Self-respect is the pride and confidence in oneself. It is a feeling that one is behaving with pride and dignity. Injustice is the lack of fairness or justice. Throughout “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”, Bob demonstrates his confidence in himself. He believes that he is capable of being part of his idols gang, regardless of what others may say or think based on his past and how he carries himself around others. Bob is repeatedly set up to feel bad about himself by Jesse

  • The Crime Of The Police

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    being looked at by the Emergency team, I will come get the family. The group sat in the waiting room and quietly and individually thought about what was happening. Rachel looked at the clock and realized that it was getting late. If Melanie and Robert were going to make curfew, they needed to leave soon. She reminded them that it was getting late. Rachel assured them that she was willing to stay here with her sister. They could go home and get much needed sleep, and return in the morning. Richard

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    receptionist. “Yes ma’am, I ‘m Wyatt Rhodes the new…” “The officer,” Nancy cut him off as she picked up the phone to make a call. Wyatt didn’t have to wait long for someone to come and get him. He wasn’t surprised to see Chief Robert Shelton himself. Both men shook hands, Robert turned away from the desk,“Wyatt follow me, I show you to your locker so you can change. The briefing started already.” Wyatt followed his boss as they started walking. “Sorry about being late, I..” he stopped when a

  • Short Story : ' Hello ! '

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    After the third ring, he heard when they picked up. "Hello?" was the quick response. Robert tried to sound as mature as he possibly could as he asked, “May I speak to Rachel.” "This is Rachel," said the voice over the phone, the voice, pleasant, lilting with a gentle accent. Melanie blinked solemnly, as Robert continued on with the conversation. “Hi, Rachel, Please, don’t hang up, My name’s Robert, I am

  • Short Story : The Lord Of Russia

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    The wagon came rumbling into the town square and Robert knew right away what it was. Robert knew it was that evil, ruthless, Russian Sylvester. Even though Robert was a crime boss, he still cared about innocent people. He got all of them to cover before the bullets started flying. Robert could not get his partner James down in time. The crank turned and one by one the bullets left the barrel. Robert is an international crime boss from America. He had blue eyes and brown hair. His best friend and

  • The Assassination Of Jesse James

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    Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford by Andrew Dominik. Hypothesis: This film can be viewed from many perspectives. Introduction: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, was directed by Andrew Dominik and released in 2007. In the film, Jesse James is played by Brad Pitt and Robert Ford is played by Casey Affleck. This film is based on the true life story of Jesse James. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, can be interpreted in multiple ways

  • The Good Soldier By Ford Madox Ford

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    The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford Ford Madox Ford is a great English author, who has written many great books like The Good Soldier, for people and kids to read. By looking at The Good Soldier, one can see that Ford Madox Ford included the themes of the moral significance of adultery and the difference between appearance and reality because of his actual life. Ford Madox Ford was born on December 17, 1873,in Surrey, in England. His father was Francis Hueffer, born in 1845 and died in 1898, his

  • Good Morning Midnight By Jean Rhys

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    with sense and sensitivity in mostly controversial ways. Rhys was born in Dominica in eighteen ninety-four. She came to England at the age of sixteen and hovered on many jobs before she moved to Paris, where she began writing and was found by Ford Maddox Ford. About the essay question and theme, of the representation of women in the city, I believe Rhys exposes the restrictive attitudes places upon women in the town rather than perpetuating them. Her novels, often showed women as underdogs out to