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    The Liver Fluke worm is another name for a type of flatworms. Liver fluke is a chronic parasitic disease of the bile ducts. The adult worms can be found in the liver of infected animals and humans, but mainly sheep and cattle. An adult fluke lays 2000-4000 eggs each day. You can get Liver flukes by consuming raw/undercooked meat. Adult flukes settle in your small ducts and can live there for 20-30 years! The most well known species that causes liver flukes is called Clonorchis Sinensis. Around 35

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    The Schistosomiasis Parasite in Contaminated Water Ever wonder what kind of parasites are in your water, or how they can enter in to your body to make you very sick? Well it is most definite that no on want to get sick. The information found in this paper was collected over the past month, either by going to the library or by accessing information off the Internet at home, almost every night. The point that will be given to you is a little in information about the infectious disease called

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