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  • The Wolfpack Is A 2015 Documentary That Tells The Story Of The Angulo Family

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    The Wolfpack is a 2015 documentary that tells the story of the Angulo family, specifically the six movie obsessed brothers, and their life in a tiny New York City apartment. The Angulo brothers, all named by their Hare Krishna father for different iterations of the god Krishna, shared a six room apartment with their parents and older sister, Visnu. Their tight knit relationship developed in part from the isolation the family experienced during the boys childhood. During the film, they tell the

  • How Do Documentaries Produce ‘Truth Effects’? Essay

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    How Do Documentaries Produce ‘Truth Effects’? The role of media has often been a subject of much debate, particularly in terms of its role in portraying and conveying truth to the target audience. Some argue upon its utility as a means to disseminate information and to rectify perceptions and facts in the minds of the viewers; while others squabble on the amount of misrepresentation which is often adopted by media as a means to project baseless arguments which lead to severe impact on the minds,

  • Assumptions About Documentaries and an Analysis of The Catfish

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    Assumption about documentaries being true, educational only, no imagination needed aren’t correct . There are several documentaries we watched in class that show that documentaries don’t all fall under the same assumptions. A common assumption about documentaries is that there is no imagination needed. “ In a time when the major media recycle the same stories on the same subjects over and over, when they risk little in formal innovation, when they remain beholden to powerful sponsors with their

  • The Film Kony 2012 and Invisible Children

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    Introduction Kony 2012 was a film produced Invisible Children which went viral overnight. The video gained 31 million views in a single day and since has gathered almost over 99 million view on YouTube. The campaign was a 30-minute video made by filmmaker and Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell can be considered a political documentary by traditional standards. The political documentary intended to persuade bystander viewers to hold certain beliefs about Kony, a leader of the rebel militia

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Chinese Mayor '

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    The Chinese Mayor is a controversial documentary film that is from China. Datong is a historically important city in China, but it was fall into a decline. The mayor Yanbo Geng has a transformation plan for this city. The birth of the documentary is associated with the social situation of China. This documentary film shows a different mayor with his distinctive thinking in China and the things he does in his tenure of office. Creators create is because of a need to change thinking. They want to take