Dog food

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  • Dry Dog Food

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    different types of dog food that you can choose to help meet your dog's nutritional needs. Knowing what type of food to choose from can be a difficult process if you are unfamiliar with the options that are available to you. Read on to understand the different types of dog food available to help feed your pet. Dry food Dry dog food is perhaps the most popular type of food available on the market. High quality dry dog food not only provides exceptional nutrition, it also makes feeding your dog on a daily

  • Comparing Dog Foods

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    Dogs are carnivores.Their digestive system, from the mouth through their intestines, is designed to cope with a meat diet. The dog's teeth are adapted to tear food into swallow able sized chunks rather than to grind the food, and there stomachs can digest food in this state. Dogs have probably evolved from animals that lived a diet of other animals. However, as with the fox in modern times, meat was not always viable to them, and the dog is able also to digest and survive on a diet that is mostly

  • Exclusive Dog Foods

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    best to look elsewhere for nutritional information unless your dog has a serious medical condition (even then, do your own research as well). Here, we will take a look at the ingredients in

  • Dog Food Regulation

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    Dog food is regulated in two ways. The first way is through Federal regulations, enforced by the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), is responsible for creating standards for all animal feeds: proper identification of product, net quantity statement, manufacturer's address, and proper listing of ingredients. The second way is by a governing body of pet food industry business insiders. The board consists of state and federal representatives as well but the association of American Feed Control

  • Commercial Dog Foods

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    Most dog owners would be horrified to know what is in most commercial dog foods. The tainted dog food scare of 2007 sent worried dog food owners to the internet to learn about alternatives to grocery and pet store dog foods. Not knowing which dog food manufacturer to trust, many people turned to making their dogs food themselves. Most dog owners would be horrified to know what is in most commercial dog foods. The tainted dog food scare of 2007 sent worried dog food owners to the internet to learn

  • What is really in Dog Food

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    What is really in dog food? Every pet owner has possibly asked this question to themselves and check on the container themselves. Riboflavin supplement? Copper Proteinate? What actually are these things? Is what we feed our pets actually good for them? Supposedly it is because that is what the labels tell us, but should we really trust what the labels say? Dog food is already somewhat harmful for human consumption shown in the article “No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch” by Ann Hodgman. She states that

  • Dog Food Disposal

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    The dog food recall was a big eye opener for a lot of dog owners. Even if you did not own a dog at that time you probably heard about it. The threat of harming your dog by not knowing what you are feeding it creates an important question, what is the best type of dog food? There are many types of food to choose from and it can be confusing. Here is some basic information to help you know which is right for your puppy. We will look at which foods to avoid and several other types to consider, from

  • Organic Dog Foods

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    So what's the deal with Organic dog food? As you know, dog food is available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, flavors, and shapes. The real distinction is obviously the ingredients contained in the products. You may be surprised to know that the ingredient list on dog food labels reads very much like human junk food. Some ingredients are even difficult to pronounce and are borrowed from medical encyclopedias. Then of course there are dog foods that are teeming with artificial ingredients, additives

  • Hypoallergenic Dog Food

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    point you eventually understand just how important it truly is to supply your pet dog hypoallergenic dog food. This is really necessary simply because it helps you concentrate so much more on the nutrition of the dog food that your best ally is eating. But the one thing that often becomes ignored is dog treats. Your puppy is still going to require its snacks, and this is completely great as long as you give your dog with a high-quality treat that is hypoallergenic. Let’s look at a few options you

  • Wellness Dog Foods

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    you thinking about owning a dog? Well, there could be a number of decisions that you have to make. The first and basic choice actually includes the buying supplies for your dog. Most people actually want to go into the pet store and simply pick out various accessories for new puppy. Picking out new collar, food dishes and leash are somewhat easy. The only thing is that, when it comes up to picking a brand of dog food, the decision would not be so simple. Wellness Dog Food ingredients are healthy and