Donald Nixon

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  • Nixon the Villain?: The Watergate Scandal Essay

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    After the tapes implicated Nixon, a series of court battles ensued. These battles in court ultimately led to a Supreme Court ruling in which Nixon had to hand over the tapes, which he did. To avoid possible impeachment, Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974. However, Gerald Ford, Nixon’s successor, pardoned the ex-president shortly after he took over the presidency. Although history

  • Similarities Between Watergate And Watergate

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    On January 20, President Donald J Trump was at his inauguration looking at his crowd of followers. While he has been accused of many things, he still has the same face he always had during his campaign only this time as president. He won the battle against Hillary and will accomplish everything he promised. While many just hate him, some may have noticed some similarities between him and another controversial president. Two similarities between Watergate and Russia investigation are that both denied

  • Abuse of Power in Doubt, by John Patrick Shanley

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    history it has been proven that this creates a problem. For example, Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal is similar to the scandal with Father Flynn in Doubt. Doubt, by John Patrick Shanley, exemplifies an underlying message that unquestioned faith leads to abuse of power. Specifically, shown in Father Flynn’s reputation, cover up, and resignation, which all correlate to Richard Nixon’s

  • The Presidential Election Of 2016 Essay

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    questions people had in the election of 1968 with Nixon, as the options they were left with to choose was not one of which many were enthused about. Richard Milhous Nixon born on January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California. ( Editors, paragraph 2) Donald John Trump, born in June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. Both were one of five Children of their families. ( Editors, paragraph 2). In both of their of biographies, Nixon attended Duke University and earned a degree in law

  • History Of The Watergate Scandal

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    presidential election was arguably the most controversial election in American history; many voters felt that neither of the candidates could be trusted due to their questionable actions. Numerous Americans were outraged when current U.S. president, Donald J. Trump, was sworn into office; due

  • Nixon's Taping In The Oval Office

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    Lincoln Sitting Room telephone, and in the Cabinet Room. The one request that Nixon had was that it was not installed by the military. This is because the military personnel is constantly being transferred in and out of the White House so the recording system would not be able to stay a secret. Instead, Butterfield called Al Wong, the head of the Secret Service Technical Security Division. The

  • Richard Nixon Accomplishments

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    Richard Nixon, a lawyer, a Veteran, and finally, our 37th president. From his childhood to his death in New York City, he lived an interesting life. Even though he resigned and almost impeached, he also helped this nation prosper. Throughout the next few paragraphs I will explain the life behind our 37th president, what jobs he held, his accomplishments, inventions and advancements during that time, and a few interesting facts. We will start with the personal information of Richard Nixon. Our

  • Richard Nixon Vietnam War

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    Richard Nixon Rough Draft Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States, and served from January 20, 1969 to midsummer 1973. He had four brothers. Harold was older than him, and the other three, Donald, Arthur, and Edward, were younger than him. Nixon and his wife, Thelma Catherine Nixon or “Pat”, had two girls. One was very introverted, while the other was very extroverted. He met his wife when he decided he wanted to try theatre and drama which was one of the many things Nixon tried

  • Annalee Ferguson. Dr. Wolfe. Dc American History. 30 March

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    (Friedel and Sidey). He was selected to be the Vice-President to Richard Nixon by senior Congressional leaders after Nixon’s vice resigned (Green). After Nixon resigned, Ford gained the title of President Ford, making him the

  • President Barack Obama's Grassroots Campaign

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    demographic that often gets left behind in elections by utilizing the technology that they were so engrossed in. Then, in the last election cycle, there was a major shift in how politicians reach the electorate. Social media, and the infamous tweets of Donald Trump, set a precedent in 2016.